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Aug 23, 2009
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Here's a short follow-up on something we have talked about before and was somewhat known already, but now with some real confirmation.

Those Japanese shops that advertise delivery health services but don't specifically state 'no gaijin' in their rules do tell their workers that they can just turn around and walk away when they reach a client's room and discover that he is not Japanese.

Some non-Japanese residents of Japan can obviously speak Japanese fluently enough to fool the natives. During a interview process when a lady decides to join a Japanese shop, she can ask about how that particular shop handles non-Japanese clients. Their response in our case was simply to close the door and walk away. (This is a delivery health arrangement, where the girl will meet you at a hotel room or other location.)

Message boards occasionally are buzzing with ladies who are discussing working for a agency (such as AM) where the money could be potentially better or sticking with a Japanese agency with less money per-client, but free from dealing with non-Japanese. Some ladies flat refuse to deal with any non-Japanese while some are open to the idea or see it as an adventure and chance to earn more.

From our latest investigation, Japanese shops are seeing increased activity since the economy has turned slightly. Bonuses and salaries are up this year compared to the last few years, Japanese health shops are feeling the effect with increased activity. More non-Japanese are still turning to cheaper services, passing up more expensive escort services to save some additional yen.

We are always looking for good stories about clients getting rejected from Japanese delivery health or other in/out-call services. In a continuous follow-up with our information gathering, further questions will be asked about the rationale for rejecting non-Japanese clients that are at least conversationally fluent and understand the rules of the shop, yet still get rejected for not being Japanese.

If you have any thing to share, please add to this thread. Private contact can be made with us by using the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of this page. As always, any information shared with TAG is confidential and will not be published in direct context without permission from the original owner.
Good topic.

My personal track record hasn't been too horrible, although I haven't made many attempts at deriheru lately. I've never had a girl show up at the door and turn around and walk away, primarily because I've always told them in advance that I'm a westerner. This is because I don't want to be in a situation where I've paid for a hotel room and get 'stood up', and plus my Japanese isn't good enough to fool them anyway. It's often based on the girl, not the organization. They may try to not bruise your ego by coming right out and saying a girl won't see you, so they'll say she's unavailable today.

There's been a few times that I got shot down for being a westerner, although it might have been due to my crappy Japanese than anything. I also pretty regularly email or tweet organizations that I'm interested in to ask them (in Japanese) if foreigners are okay. If you can read/write some Japanese and are trying to do research, I would strongly recommend subscribing to the mail-magazines that most places have, and seeing if they have an email address/twitter account. It's not only a good way to check whether foreigners are okay, but you usually get advance info on new girls showing up, etc.

As lots of Japanese sex shops are often okay with their customers not wearing condoms, that's another factor at times. If you are looking to avoid such places, being a foreigner can sometimes be a blessing -- I've talked to a shop or two and a few girls who were fine with meeting me, but I had to wear a condom.

You generally have to strike while the iron is hot because many of the deriheru places close/change names, etc. Some of the ones I've been to before, especially KDHs, are gone.

Of the ones I've inquired about/seen that are still around, the following are foreigner friendly as long as you speak decent Japanese (and it might depend on the girl):

(most KDHs seem to be okay with foreigners as long as they can speak okay Japanese)


Porn Star Hostess Club:
http://www.r-dragon.jp/index2.php -- not a place to get service, but you can pay outlandish amounts of money to talk and drink with JAV girls. I asked one of their stars via Twitter if it's okay for westerners, and she said "I think so". Note: I did not go drinking there, so I don't have any additional intel on it. Given that it's ~¥12,000 just to sit down for an hour, I'll wait until I win the lottery to go.
Meiji, this http://asian-d.com comes up with 403 forbidden error.

I've mentioned this elsewhere in various threads, but there's a bunch of KDH's that purposely block web browsers that aren't located in Japan, or don't have Japanese added to the browser language. If you are running through a VPN or haven't added Japanese as a language (In Firefox, it's in Preferences-> Content -> Languages) it'll come up as a 403 forbidden or 404 or something.

I think they do that so parents at home in Seoul can't easily find their daughters working to pay off their gambling/plastic surgery debts.
Meiji is correct.

Here's a screenshot of what you should see if your settings are set correctly:

The above screenshot was captured on a Windows 7 (Japanese) machine.
I kind of figured that out because I kept seeing posts on kanphoto.net -- which is another site that is region-specific -- for KDHs that would come up as 404, so I figured it was a region or language thing.
In following up with a 'Part II' of this thread, we're 'interviewing' some ladies to connect with the first post above. The short of it is, we are asking about the thoughts of the Japanese ladies about non-Japanese clients that may want to use their shop. Basically, if they would meet a non-Japanese client or not, and if not, what are the top reasons why.

While I cannot say which shops we have contact with, I can say that these are some of the larger, higher volume shops that have a large variation of ladies that work for them.

Look for an update to this thread coming towards the upcoming weekend.