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Jul 19, 2011
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as I wrote in my intro a few moments ago, I am a long term resitend and I speak fluent Japanese.
I also wrote that I want to contact younger ladies (18-24) of as an escort.
I came across JK Style (http://www.jk-style.tv/pc/girls/), which caters to japanese.
Of course when I speak with the operator, I will make it clear that I am a white guy. This might limit the number of girls.
I am sorry to be so blunt, but I would rather spend my money there than with escort sites that are catering to non-Japanese speaking foreigners.
One reason is that the escorts catering to foreigners tend to be older (around 30) from what I read here.

Does anybody have experience with someone from KJ Style escort?
They explicitely write on their site that sex is forbidden, but the girls offer things like 69, fingering, licking, bj, cumming in mouth and even swallowing.
The girls also state their favourite position. Isnt that contradictory to the non-sex policy?
I am sorry for my dumb questions here....
No such thing as dumb questions!

For your specific question, we don't have any info on the place you mentioned.

If you can speak fluent Japanese, that is a great benefit when requesting service a normal Japanese delivery health service, which you described above. You'll find that most registered shops stick with the rules and if you happen to find a girl from one of those shops that will give you more for an extra 'tip', then that's a great plus. We don't have to tell you to not force the matter if she refuses. When a girl states her 'favorite' position, it's mere an allure to attract the customer. Most of the time, it's just the manager writing the comments anyway. Girls are directed and coached on what to say and do... a small percentage of the girls enjoy the job, so that is where you'll find the extra benefit.

The Gaijin escort services have a mix of younger, older and even older ladies. The pay is much better when seeing Gaijin vs. Japanese. Of course there is also the Yakuza involvement, but usually only in the Japanese run shops and then only certain chains.

You'll also find, if you dig, most of the shops are run by 3 or 4 large conglomerates. The girls rotate through the shops to provide fresh faces and a cash flow stimulus.

One last thing, for Japanese shops, everything is on the menu (legally) except penetration.

Good Luck!
Don't forget the old adage: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I also think J-girls look better when they reach their mid to late 20s/early 30s. Then again I also prefer J-girls with small to medium-sized boobs, so I guess I'm just strange like that. :)
I like small boobs and hips, too. Slim is beautiful!
I prefer low 20ies. They are really cute, and I wouldn't mind unexperienced girls.