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JP Post International Mail Restriction Starts 11/17/10


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Sep 24, 2009
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Hey... for any of you that mail stuff via the Japan Postal service, heads up!


Here's the web page about the new restrictions:

There is also a PDF version, here:

The short version: Anything over the weight of 453g [16oz] (1 pound), is restricted.

Detail said:

Basic Translation: Find another method to send an item that is over 453grams.

Great job Japan. Getting screwed up with the rest of the world. :mad:
More freedom being eroded. Wonderful.

At least I can use my company's shipping account for sending stuff if needed. I had planned to send a fair amount of gifts to my family for the holidays.

We are all going to wind up living like hobbits! No freedom to travel, send mail or walk down the sidewalk without being interrogated like criminals. Although, I'm glad I'm in Japan and not anywhere else right now.

Guilty until proven innocent. Or shoot first ask questions later. Cannot imagine bringing a child into this world we are faced with right now.
Japan-o-maniacs are all up in arms that some shipments will be blocked from leaving Japan. (excluding company shipments)

Great excuse for me not to send gifts from Japan this year! Woo!