JR-East Hotel Mets Gotanda


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Sep 28, 2015
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Title of Review/Name of Hotel:
JR-East Hotel Mets Gotanda

Location/Area of Hotel:
JR Gotanda Station

Date of Use:
Nov 2022

Type of Hotel:
Business Hotel

Does the hotel require a keycard for access to guest rooms?:

Cost of Room?
¥13,450 per night with breakfast for Premium Twin room

Check-In Service:
Walk-In Kiosk/Reception Counter

Number of Persons:

Review Narrative:
Disclaimer: I booked this hotel for 1 person at low season so the price would probably be more expensive for high season and 2P+.

Thanks to @DeepRamen for his post for the Akihabara location I decided to do my part for the Gotanda location.

JR-East Hotel Mets chain of hotels can often be found right next or above JR East stations, making them one of the most convenient hotels around Tokyo, especially if you are catching the last train back to the hotel.

Gotanda (https://www.hotelmets.jp/gotanda/) is another area where there are plenty of love hotels and DH shops and also for the nearby Shinagawa/Ozaki.

The entrance to hotel is next to the JR Gotanda station with both street facing automatic door side and covered stations facing side on the northeast corner, as the Google map link shows https://maps.app.goo.gl/FQuyuMoJuoJoktBE6. There are 2 elevators serving the whole hotel.

Lobby is located on the 3F and also the caffeteria is on the 3F for breakfast. Guest rooms are 4F and above.

I booked a Premium Twin for a single person for the purpse of both vacation stay and mongering so two bed are better that way, and a little bit roomier.

I believe all the guest rooms in this hotel property have full bath/showering room so there's quite a bit of space for you and the girl to taking the before/after shower and if you want to play in the bath, so that's a bonus, and not just a shower booth.

Preimum Twin room is quite spacious for its price as you can see from the pictures below. Also one side of the hotel rooms are facing the Yamanote line platforms so if you feel a bit advanterous or voyeuristic then you know lol. The lower portion of the windows are half frosted so you are not just showing everything, and you can also use the sheer curtains as well, but if you get reported and arrested, don't blame me.

The breakfast selection (https://www.hotelmets.jp/gotanda/bf.html) is also nice with rotated daily selection of 3 choices (Japanese style, western style, Japanese rice bowl style) plus self serve drink bar and salad bar. Oh and you also always get a plate of curry rice if I remember correctly.

The only downside of using DH at this location is just the fact that the station is always busy even at 11pm with tons of foot traffic and with salary men going drinking and saying goodbyes around the station so well, if you are meeting with the girl just outside the station at the taxi stand, everyone will know you are doing DH LOL.

I was there back in Nov 2022 while most people are still wearing masks so that's not as bad but you know.







Final Rating:
★★★★ (4 Stars)

Thanks for your review! The premium twin looks much roomier than the premium double I booked at Akihabara.