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Jun At Hinomaru


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Jan 17, 2014
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After receiving indifferent service from the young but frigid Sayaka at Hot Point, albeit culminating in a successful handjob, I decided to go to Hinomaru. I wasn't expecting much having just shot off. However, the combination of a mossburger and Jun meant triumph. Older and not as attractive as Sayaka, she had a great personality and was the most skilled sucktress I've met. She thrust her boobs at me almost demanding I lick the nipples, fingering was encouraged, lovely smooth skin and great blow job technique. The first one to give my balls a good licking. Keep your young uns ; give me a milf anyday.
I had a great time with Jun last week. Really positive. She has put on weight since I first started having her (and not in a bad way either), also she has also just gotten better and better with time, and a great attitude.
Jun has not been on the cast list for a couple of weeks. Des anyone know what has happened?