June 2010 Thread

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Sep 24, 2009
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It's JUNE! :D

2010 is at the half-way mark! :p

Hope everyone has a great first day of June!!!
lol... I came home to find my browser constantly refreshing TAG, it must have been doing this for the last 24 hours... :p

June will be a slower month for me, I hope. I'm really worn out and don't have much energy lately. Looking forward to the June bonus check, I'm finally going to break over $1M yen/month during June, first time ever to do so.

Not much else to report right now, got some sushi and a beer at home to eat and then I'm going to crash while watching LOST.
I'm back! :)

My bonus arrives today, I'll be checking my account in the morning to make sure it goes in to the right spot.

Hope everyone is having or had a good Monday! I'm going to make my way around the forum and clean things up a bit since most of you have been slacking while I've been away.

Welcome back Karen.

I haven't had much to say myself in the last few weeks. Work and other life events have been keeping me busy lately.

Other than the rain, my Monday has gone well. We have an outing planned for Wednesday night in Shibuya, should be entertaining.
Hey Karen, good to see that you are back.

Everything okay now?

I've been watching this idiot over on GP for the past few weeks, it's really a good laugh to read when you get the time. This guy is a moron and we assume most of what he says is crap, but he's one of these idiots who thinks that the rules in Japan don't apply to him.

First thread:

Second thread:

Third Thread: (All Japanese obsessed with western stuff? I think not!)

Key points:
1) He doesn't think you need to carry your ARC or Passport while in Japan.
2) He doesn't think you need a visa to get a job or other service
3) He thinks he can survive in Japan on 3,000 yen/month in food
4) He claims to pay $250USD/month for a 'good sized' apartment.
5) He paid deposits on utilities (which are not required in Japan)

It's a fun read - figure out if he's a troll on your own.
I saw those threads on GP and just shook my head. Didn't even bother to waste my time on replying. The troll hunters are doing just fine on their own.


PS: Hi Karen. :D
Top of the morning to ya!

@Chris, I lol'd at that guy on GP! Thanks for the good or should I say entertaining read. :)

Really wanted to stay in the bed this morning, I really want the weekend to get here so I can go shopping! Finally decided what I'm going to buy, using a small amount of cash from my bonus pay from last week. :)
Morning Karen...

What are you going to buy? or is it a super-secret?

I'm resolved to not spend any of my bonus for the time being, I'm trying to reach a certain savings goal and I think I can do it with all of the overtime I'll be putting in from now through December plus the 2nd bonus coming. We've got a 3rd company bonus (aka a REAL bonus) coming in August. I expect that to be at least 200k.

Have a good day everyone!
It's a secret! :D

Just think: Women's clothes are more expensive here, even underwear can be upwards of 2man yen.
Morning folks.

Seriously Karen? You pay 20,000 yen for underwear? Does it do something other than function as underwear?

I'm trying not to spend any of my 'bonus' money... i have plans!
Damn these people! I'm now just getting away for lunch, all of the good lunch bentos are going to be gone!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr........
Good luck! :)

I had Tonkatsu at Wako today, yummy! A Japanese buddy of mine hoarded the free refill of cabbage. Don't know he east so much for such a small guy.
Morning folks.

Seriously Karen? You pay 20,000 yen for underwear? Does it do something other than function as underwear?

I'm trying not to spend any of my 'bonus' money... i have plans!

Umm... the Japanese stuff is high quality and fits quite well. Some of the really good brands are 10k and up while the lower quality brands are around 5-6k.

Regular clothes are sometimes hard to find at good prices. Fashion competition is fierce among women here, more so than anywhere else that I've lived.

Men have it easy... cheap underwear and you can get a whole suit for 20k unless you like that super-expensive stuff.

Being a woman is fun and depressing at the same time. :(
Good luck! :)

I had Tonkatsu at Wako today, yummy! A Japanese buddy of mine hoarded the free refill of cabbage. Don't know he east so much for such a small guy.

I got something from Soup Stock Tokyo, wasn't my first choice but it works. We had a meeting that ran over thanks to some idiot Japanese manager that just kept going on and on and on, rehashing the same topic in five different ways. :mad:
Early morning to all... couldn't sleep much past 6am this morning, so here I am.

Going to be dead tired come 3pm, I bet.

It's Monday!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! :) Despite the cloudy weather, I had a good weekend and got a lot of shopping done.

I'm going to be busy again this week, but I'll be popping in and out.

Hi people... i'm stuffing my lunch down my throat, be back in after I finish choking.
Always lots of meaningless meetings, that never ends.

I got pushed into a late meeting with an 'important' client but then learned that this client was only worth about 500,000 yen to us when we typically do more than 2m/yen a client. So, I burned most of my relaxing lunch time with client where I won't see any personal financial benefit from.

That dick across the hall set this up and pushed me into it because he KNEW what the client fee was going to be and felt it wasn't worth his time.


Hope everyone is doing well, here's a story to start off your day! :)

Slashdot said:
A Florida woman was sentenced to nine months in jail, followed by five years of probation, for starting an office fire so she could get out of work early. From the article: "Pasco sheriff's investigators said Michelle Perrino, 40, started a fire at Bayonet Point Oxygen on May 12, 2009. Perrino drew suspicion when she mentioned the fire's origin — a filing cabinet — during an employee meeting. Employees had not been told where the fire started." I hope she had the good sense to start the fire on Friday so she could have a long weekend.


Now, that's going the extra mile when you really want to get out of work early. This is something I'd expect to see in the Japanese news, haha!

Argh! There's never a light at the end of the tunnel! We're always so busy, I have not had any idle time in a few weeks now. I cannot even attend my Japanese language sessions in the evening hours. :(

I'm just venting, at least I'm employed with a very stable income.

We're having a nomikai tonight, hope to relax this evening for a change.
I'm late to the show, but my day is over and I'm going home!

(Watching as the Japanese workers give me the evil eye as I get up and leave... )

Cheers All.
You guys suck.

I'm stuck here for at least the next two hours. :(

Good Monday Morning all!

I see it has been a slow weekend around here, hope everyone had a good weekend!

It's looking like this will be a crazy busy week, I'll be in and out as usual. :p
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