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    Title: Taking time with Juri or Nanao Madoka

    Date: 3 occasions in 2012, 1 occasion in 2013 and 1 occasion in 2014
    Provider: Juri but in AV she goes by the name Nanao Madoka 菜々緒

    Contact: pururungang.com
    Type/Location: Hotel Health on the 2nd floor of a sexual services provider building next to a pet shop at the north exit of Ikebukuro station
    Language: I say a higher level of Japanese is needed her compared to 5a heads. I say at minimum a high level 3 to a low level 2 on the JLPT will be useful. I have lived in Japan on 3 occasions and I have lived here for five years so my Japanese is great for these guys. Plus, it is up to the girls that will take foreign customers. They are very relieved if you speak Japanese.

    Plus, I think they prefer foreign customers of Asian decent. Most of the foreign customers are Chinese. My mother is Filipino, Chinese and Hawaiian while my father is white, Native American and Latino so I can blend into any crowd.
    Session Length/Fee: 55 min for 13,000 every month on the 18th you can pay 18,000 for 80 minutes. For 2 hours it is 31,000 yen. Depending on your member card you don't have to pay the 2,000 selection fee. Also, she provides a card where you can pay 1,000 yen as a repeat selection fee.

    Also, she allows cumming on her face for 5,000 yen which I have done on 2 occasions. If it is your first time there, if you have a smartphone,show their home page that says they waiver their 2,000 yen membership registration fee.

    Also, depending on the time hotels can range from 2,000 t0 3,000 yen.

    Physical Description:
    Look up Nanao Madoka or 菜々緒まどか on the net and it is her.

    Details: The first three times I had her was prior to her AV stardom. The first time she was the only girl available to foreign customers but they warned me she was a bad rep if being "slow." I figured what the hell. And yes, she takes forever in the shower. Like she puts her hand on the water to make sure it's right for like 10 minutes. Even Japanese reviews make note of this. Her blowjob was also too slow for me but her tit fuck felt right. Her tits also are soft and she is soft overall so her lack of technique my first time made up for it. I managed to cum in her mouth and it really surprised her.

    The 2nd and 3rd time only she was available. 2nd time she was still slow but she remembered how I liked it and did better. The third time I requested COF. She really improved her timing and she did things at a pace I wanted. Before cumming I was on top of her doing sumata and then I blew my load on her face and for her first two times being less than stellar, it was my fun way if "punishing" her. I cum like Peter North so she was surprised and kind of freaked out.

    Then after that, I did cum on face again and she was prepared and we still had a good time. It took time but we found some comparability.

    Then I met her again earlier this year and she told me about porn. I managed to ask for CFS with no extra charge. It was great. She is fun to have on top and suck on her tits while giving it to her. But I finished it doggy style since that is what I feel or told I am best at. Once I get it from there, they always scream at the top of their lungs. I have only had one instance with another girl where we got a complaint from the hotel and it was not from FS.

    Recommendation: she is not good at first impressions but if you want a "conquest" with a hard to get play kind of girl she may be the one for you.

    At first she is slow but more time she will be faster.

    Or you want the bragging rights to being with a porn star.
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