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Just Fit


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Apr 15, 2010
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I decide this weekend to try something different and called "Just Fit" The site is recommend by Tokyo nights and erolin guide. This is not an endorsement of either site, but that "Just Fit" is recommended by both.

I called and spoke in Japanese, but I did ask the operator "in Japanese" if they could speak English, and they replied a little, but I thought their English was worse than my Japanese, so I made the arrangement in Japanese. I was surprised that I wasn't quoted a price or course, but that they had women available and would be at my location soon.

A girl name Yuka arrived and was very attractive, at least and 8 or better in my book. She handed me a business card and on the back it had the courses and cost. I chose the 90 minutes for 22,000 Yen, and she responded by saying there additional 5000 for FS. She was so attractive I could not turn her down. So total damage up front 27,000.

Yuka could not speak English at all, so all conversation was done in Japanese. However her personality was outstanding and service on the same level she was quite fun to be with. If the rest of the girls from "Just fit" are as accommodating I would surely give them more business.
Great info! Thanks Blimon. :)

Just one question: were you able to choose who you wanted? (There's no girl named Yuka on their site.)
Yes, I noticed that too, she was not on the site. I was told that they had 2 girls available. So I wasn't given a choice just that she was "Kawaii" and she was.