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    I only discovered this forum today, and beleive I can contribute quite a lot. I looked through the P4P places mentioned and was a bit disaappointed to discover that I knew nearly all of, either from reading ISG or finding myself while on the prowl.

    Two years ago, I was on the prowl in Kabukicho and getting pissed with the Nigerian and local touts stalking me wherever I went so got out of the main drag and found myself on the big main road at the back near Seibu Shinjuku station area. There were some Chinese women touts on the street and I love Chinese girls, it helps I guess that I studied Mandarin for 7 years and still remember enough to order a beer lol. So I told the woman I wanted to meet Chinese girls I could shag and she led me down the road into a building full of hostess bars and up the escalator into a brightly lit bar with about 20 girls. Japanese manager was very accomodating and I got seated with a young Chinese girl who spoke no English and minimal Japanese.

    To cut a long story short, this bar had about 20 girls, mostly Chinese but also Japanese. Without expection, the girls were young and attractive, average age about 23 I would guess. A set with whisky or shochu cost 4000 plus 10% tax (normal). What made this bar different was that all the girls were available to be taken out for sex, at a rental room place nearby. The Chinese girl told me she did not get any pay so had to make it all from sex,a dn wanted 20,000. Room cost 2,000. A further twist was that if I paid an extra 5000 yen, all the girls not already sitting with a customer would come and sit with me with a drink for them included.

    I declined, firstly bcoz I dont want to pay 22,000, secondly, it was getting l8 and I had a train to catch.

    I reckon I could of knocked her down to 15,000 for one pop. There were 2 other gaijins in the joint who looked like they were financial dudes. They were speaking to 2 attractive Japanese girls.

    Has anyone been here?

    Since it was 2 years ago, I wont post details of place in case it has moved. But I still got the phone number of the manager and it hasnt changed bcoz he appeared on mu recent Line contact list.

    This joint is almost certainly of dubious legality so may well have changed location. I intend to go again sometime soon and will post an upd8 with further details.
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    interesting, id be curious if theres any korean type establishments or woman to snag off the street....me and my buddy often look to hunt these girls for the deed in shinjuku yet lately im more into korean woman
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    @AKB69 hope you can share the name of the place, to be honest its very interesting.

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