Kabukicho: Nozokibeya and Video Boxes


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Dec 3, 2010
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Sorry if this is a mammoth post. I haven't seen a post on these types of places before so thought I would share all the details…..

Visiting Japan last week I arranged to find myself in Shinjuku with a few hours to spare and headed into Kabukicho for some sexy fun. My aim was a hand job from a young Japanese girl while watching a show of some kind. I’d done some research in advance and there seemed to be two types of places that offered this: nozokibeya [FONT=&quot]のぞき部屋[/FONT] and video boxes ([FONT=&quot]ビデオボックス[/FONT]).

In a nozokibeya, you watch a strip show from a private booth and a girl comes and gives you a hand job towards the end. There are three nozokibeya in Kabikicho:

- Chris USA ([FONT=&quot]クリス[/FONT]USA), Map http://goo.gl/1tb9F[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
- Madonna ([FONT=&quot]マドンナ[/FONT])[FONT=&quot],[/FONT]Map http://goo.gl/3LYGC
- New Hot Point ([FONT=&quot]ホットポイント[/FONT]), Map http://goo.gl/tFOOU

In a video box establishment you choose some porno DVDs, go to a private cubicle to watch them and then call up reception to ask if a girl is available to provide ‘optional service’. Not all video box places offer the girl so you need to choose carefully.

I decided to try a video box place first. There were plenty of these around, some clearly too legit and others not so. I couldn’t find a place that seemed right for me and then came across the Madonna nozokibeya and headed in.

Nozokibeya Madonna

Madonna is next door to a Yoshinoya Gyudon place in a widish street running down the side of the Koma Gekijo. Outside the entrance is an illuminated self-standing yellow light box with the letters [FONT=&quot]のぞき[/FONT] written in large red text. After entering I descended a short flight of narrow steps into a cramped basement. A man in a scruffy black suit with only half his teeth stopped me in the tiny genkan and asked me a few questions in Japanese to check I knew the system and could communicate. He then turned around to the Yakuza looking cashier and said “He’s a white foreigner but he speaks Japanese so it’s OK”. I handed over Y2000 and my phone, which is customary in these establishments, and sat in the waiting room for the previous show to end. ‘Room’ is probably too kind as the scruffy little space was 50cm wide, 150 cm long and had just room for 4 stools and a small TV showing porn movies. On the wall were photos of, and hand written apologies from, punters who had used their phones to video the show. Clearly they don’t like you doing that!

I heard three or four Japanese customers come in but they must have been shown to a different room as I didn’t meet them. After 10 minutes or so a slightly chubby tanned Japanese girl in her early twenties came to my room, bowed, said ‘dozo’ and showed me to my cubicle. She was dressed a negligee and I had a good look at her bouncing breasts on the way.

My small dark cubicle was separated from the small stage area by a one way mirror. This is primarily so the other customers in the other cubicles surrounding the stage can't see each other. Before the show started an announcement stated, “press the button in your cubicle if you want service”. I pressed the button on the wall, a dim light came on in the cubicle and the negligee girl came back to collect the Y2000 fee. She was nice and polite/courteous in the Japanese way.

The lights came on and a girl in her early 20s came entered the room to strip. She was slim, athletic, had pale skin, c-cup firm breasts with dark brown protruding nipples and a bit of a bored expression on her face which was both pretty and plain. She came right by my window a few times. I didn’t twig until afterwards but if you put Y1000 through a slot in the window, she’ll show you her pussy close up. After about 15 minutes of enjoying the show and wanking myself, the negligee girl came back, asked me if I wanted lotion (I said yes), told me I could touch her tits and starting wanking me. She was so good at this that I didn’t last more than a couple of minutes. I must have been the last customer because as soon as I came, the show finished, the negligee girl tidied me up and I walked back to reception to collect my phone.

Overall, Madonna is a scruffy little place, but the girls were young/sexy and I had a good time.

Video boxes

After Madonna I returned to my search for a video box. I came across three types of places. Big flashy joints such as Kintaro (http://kin-v.jp/modules/service/ )that also offer Internet etc, Smaller less flash places that focus on porn and finally scruffy places tucked away in basements and other nooks and crannies.

I decided on a smaller less flash place. Choose my DVDs, went to my cubicle , called up reception and asked for optional service. They said “what kind of optional service” and I said I wanted a girl to come to my room. They said that they didn't do that. Failure! Next time I’ll try a scruffy place in a basement as they look promising.

Nozokibeya Chris USA

Next I headed off to Chris USA which turned out to be a quite a quirky place.

It’s on one of the main streets in Kabikicho called “Kabikicho Ichiban Gai”([FONT=&quot]歌舞伎町一番街[/FONT]). Turn into Ichiban Gai from Yasukuni Dori, walk about 20 metres or so and Chris USA is on the 5th floor of a building on the left. The first floor is a pub called “St James”. I entered the lift with a couple who where going to the Yakiniku Restaurant on the second floor and got out at the fifth floor. Coming out of the elevator I saw a Fashion Health joint called Pastel on the right and the entrance to Chris USA.

This was a much cleaner place than Madonna and no Japanese language checks seemed required, they even had a sign in English. I paid Y2000, handed over my phone and sat in the waiting area along with 4/5 young Japanese guys and a sleeping cat. The latter an indication that Chris USA is a little unusual. You can see the various rooms here: http://goo.gl/BF9IS.

After 15 minutes or so I was shown to my cubicle which was more respectable than the one at Madonna and even had a box of tissues ready. The set[FONT=&quot]—[/FONT]up was similar, 8/9 cubibles with one way mirrored windows surrounding a small show room. Before the show started the stripper, called Moka, popped by and asked by if I wanted service after the show. She was fun and chatty, in her early 20s, slim, fit, with a very cute face and wore a nurse uniform. See: http://goo.gl/tfpRE The choice of service was ‘Finger ([FONT=&quot]フィンガー[/FONT]) Y2000’ or ‘Lip ([FONT=&quot]リップ[/FONT]) Y3000’ and I choose finger.

The show started. The lights came to reveal a small room decked out like a slightly dated young woman’s apartment with magazines, cuddly toys, etc. On the right hand side was a shower with a lattice wooden screen. The show consisted of four songs. During the first song, Moka sat in a chair looking cute and pretended to read a medical chart while giving us fleeting glimpses of her upper thigh. The effect was to make you feel like a peeping tom and was curiously erotic. The second song started, Moka stripped to her bra and thong and walked right past each cubicle on her way to the shower. She looked gorgeous. She then entered the cubicle, removed her underwear and acted having a shower. Again, this was Peeping Tom fantasy and I had fleeting sights of her nakedness through the slats of the shower curtain.

The third song was more dramatic and indicated the start of “sexy time”. Instructions for this were written on the wall of the cubicle. The options were ‘Sexy Dance Y1000’, ‘Sexy dance and bust touch Y2000’ and ‘Sexy dance, bust and pussy touch Y3000’. I chose the latter and made my choice by putting the Y3000 through a slot in the window. Moka then left the shower, put on her thong, a short bathrobe and visited each customer. When she came in front of my cubicle, she took my money and opened her robe to reveal a pert smooth body. Not skinny but no fat, beautiful skin and small pert breasts with cute little nipples. Very sexy. She performed the sexy dance and pulled her thong aside to reveal her gorgeous little pussy. Then Moka gestured for me to put my left hand through the same slot in the window. She gracefully bowed down so that her right breast settled in the palm of my hand. After a nice fondle she did the same with her left breast and then placed my hand inside her thong for my ‘pussy touch’. She visited each customer and I had a good view of them receiving the same treatment.

Then the final song started which was the strip show. Moka first visited each cubicle, turned on a spotlight at the bottom of the cubicle which focused her pussy and then proceeded to reveal and play with said pussy. After visiting each cubicle she then lay in the middle of the room naked, and masturbated herself. I think the idea is that customers do the same at this point. I held back as I had my ‘Finger’ to look forward to.

The show ended and an announcement stated that customers who had requested service should go to the Pastel Fashion Health next door. I picked up my phone from reception, headed into Pastel and waited in the reception for around 10 minutes. I was then shown to a small room where Moka was waiting in her thong. The room was actually a shower cubicle. A glass/plastic partition had been placed in the cubicle to separate me from Moka. In the centre of the partition was a small hole and Moka instructed me to put my cock through the hole and lean forward. She asked me if I wanted lotion and told me my Y2000 gave me 5 minutes of wanking. I asked if I could touch and was told “no touch”, this was also written on the wall of the waiting room. The whole set-up was pretty weird and I had to concentrate, which was difficult as Moka was good fun, chatting away as if we were sharing a coffee. However, Moka knew what she was doing and brought me to orgasm around 5 seconds before the buzzer went indicating time was up. During the wanking Moka started saying “Cum, cum” in English which I thought was really cute.

Overall, Chris USA was fun and Moka was great. While the after show service was a little weird, I enjoyed the show itself. The place had a softer, more quirky feel than most sex clubs and had an innocence about it. I wouldn't be surprised if it was owned and run by a woman. I liked it.

Nozokibeya New Hot Point

I didn't make it to this place but online reports say this place has the cutist girls: http://goo.gl/HTjEP
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It has been many years since I have been to places like those you describe, but I was heavy into that sort of scene 25 years or so ago, and reading your really excellent report brought back a lot of fond and vivid memories. Thanks!

As a more general aside, JimJim's post is just the sort of thing that will make a site like this one prosper/grow, full of both entertaining details and useful practical information. It makes you want to give those places a try and tells you just what you need to know to do so. Bravo!

Also, don't miss one of the cleverest and most effective "access" or "map'' links I've ever seen down toward the bottom of this page: http://nozoki-madonna.net/sysmap.html It should/could become the new standard form of such pages, imo.

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Thanks Wwanderer,

Entering these places did feel like going through a time warp to 25 years ago. They seem to be the last of their breed and it will be a shame if they disappear. They are great fun.

This is a great write-up. This took a lot of time and we really appreciate it. I knew of these types of places but didn't have any first-hand knowledge on them. I think I need to re-read that whole thing again so I didn't miss anything.

A+ Jim, really nice man!
Jim,thank you so much for such a good info,i prefer this long posts full of info,than a short one only saying this is godd or bad.
That was almost sentimental in a way. I remember those kinds of places from my teenage years plus what I saw on TV about it or in the movies. Never actually been to one, your experiences detailed above kind of make me want to try it out.

Ditto from other comments, great in-depth write up. I respect you very much for taking the time to write that one up.
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the positive feedback. It was an unusual experience these days so I thought I would share all the details.

Post here if you find a good video box. I am sure there are one or two in Kabukicho, I just ran out of time on my quest to find one this time around.

Have fun!
Awesome and informative post! Thanks so much for sharing in such detail! :)

I have just one question: Are these places foreigner-friendly?
Hi Lolicon,

I'm a white guy around 40 and had no problems. Madonna did ask me a few questions in Japanese to ensure I understood the system but that was all. Chris USA actually had a sign in English behind the reception which implies they have even made preparations for us foreigners to enter.

I'd give it a shot!
Newhotpoint is the best by far- sleezy yes, cheesy porn music yes!, awesome hot young nubile chicks who suck your cock yes!, and let you fondle their perfect titties with a smile yes! Its a bit expensive 6000 for covered bj and fondle in your small booth. My girl was new obviously- broke the condom about 4 times but she was so hot I didn't care! I like em skinny with small perfect tits but there is someone for everyone there unless you like fat old chocks.
Hi all TAG usrs. First of all I wud like to say thx for creating this site, its been very helpful. I am new to tokyo. I am not much exp in this field!, so pl bare with me for my silly doubts. well, I have a doubt about kabukicho since i roamed around those streets a few days ago. Several street touts solicited me thru out my walk. My question is Who are they? are they agent of any specific club or shop? or working on their own?. Can we trust them? how do i approach if i want see a few girls there anywhere for FS? only thru touts? is gaijin allowed? Pl advice.
thanks alot Ww. Pl advice a best places here for me as a first timer? I will try and post the review
I haven't done any mongering in Kabukicho for ages...well more than 10 years and have forgotten most of what I ever knew about specific places there, so sorry, but I can't be of much help.

However, see the first page and first post of this thread in which JimJim suggests some specific places. There are also some possibilities mentioned in the following thread:


thx. I am a bit afraid to go in to kabukicho again bcoz of the annoyance of the touts. I tried Ai from AM yday. Had a nice time w/ her.
jim jim - great post! Thats not my kind of thing really, but fascinating read, so thanks ;-)
Newhotpoint is the best by far- sleezy yes, cheesy porn music yes!, awesome hot young nubile chicks who suck your cock yes!, and let you fondle their perfect titties with a smile yes! Its a bit expensive 6000 for covered bj and fondle in your small booth. My girl was new obviously- broke the condom about 4 times but she was so hot I didn't care! I like em skinny with small perfect tits but there is someone for everyone there unless you like fat old chocks.

Is the place gaijin-friendly? I speak very little japanese, will they let me in?
Can anyone confirm whether Nozokibeya Chris USA has closed down? Their website is down and there's an online twit in Japanese that says it's closed (not sure whether it's true).

Btw, my previous question remains unanswered. Is newhotpoint gaijin-friendly?
NHP is gaijin friendly. Not sure whether Japanese is required but I didn't see English information anywhere inside.

I have visited both Madonna and NHP recently. Madonna is a quicker experience--one girl performs while another goes around servicing people. At NHP, two girls perform one after the other, and then both go around servicing people (you can choose which girl you want in advance). The NHP girls seemed friendlier, younger and curvier than the Madonna girls. The main caveat with NHP is that you may need to wait half an hour or longer before the show starts, since each "cycle" of customers takes so long.
What about video boxes? Do these places have both (live entertainment and video)? I'd be interested in a video box with optional services such as tekoki or fera.
Can anyone confirm whether Nozokibeya Chris USA has closed down? Their website is down and there's an online twit in Japanese that says it's closed (not sure whether it's true).

Haven't been there myself, but for the record their website is up. The link previously mentioned is broken apparently due to a site redesign. The URL to get there is here:

Chris USA
Anyone know is Chris USA is still like the original poster described?
Sounds wacky and fun.
Hahaha I want to check this place this weekend, I will certainly look around. I have watched some American porn movies, I wish shop owners would import "The Glory Hole" to Japan. I would love the idea to be able to peak who is inside and then just place my dick by a hole.