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I just found this website:
Kansai Cherry Blossoms -- Meet Sayuri and friends escorts in Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe Japan

Does anyone have any experience of Sayuri or Eri? Sayuri's pictures look quite good.


Hello KG,
It has been a long time since coming here, sorry! :(
I forgot about this site as it did not seem to have much about Kansai...but I noticed a bit of traffic coming from here, so I thought I would drop by to see why. I'm glad I did, it seems that posts regarding the Kansai area have increased a lot since I was here last! =)

In any case, I am listed at various places, and have a number of reviews. Just type in my profile name (replace the hyphen with a space) and the words 'osaka escort' into google and you should get plenty of links! I would post URLs but I'm not sure URLs from other sites are acceptable here. That said, I just noticed a nice review of me on here as well....though under a different name when I was associated with an agency by YamatoLover (I believe)

I'm here to answer questions and will start posting here more often, if people would like me to participate in the community!

Kisses (^0^)/
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from the list provided, I would not recommend secret door. I just finished a bad experience with them. I requested one of three specific girls, or a girl that was petite with small breasts. A guy arrived with no girl in sight and asked for payment, then a very heavy girl with large breast shows up at my door a few minutes later. about a 3 or 4 on a scale of 10. I dont think she knew what she was doing, I got the worst "massage" I've ever had, very fast, and I think my stress level went up with the massage not down! Although she smiled and was very nice and polite through the whole process, It was a struggle to finish and I thought a few times about just asking her to stop and leave, but I didn't want to be rude. Your mileage may vary, but I would have much rather had an erotic massage than the service I got from "secret door".
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