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Kansai-sayuri: Remix


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Jul 29, 2011
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Here's another long-overdue review. I think everyone's seen my other review for Kansai-Sayuri, but I've seen her a number of times since then, and I thought I'd share my accumulating impressions. I know I sounded like an infatuated adolescent in my first review (and that's kind of what I felt like), but hopefully I can give you some more objective feedback now.

You have seen her posts here (and if you haven't, do a search), so you must realize she really is classy. When you are with her, you will sense a subtle sophistication about her. She is elegant and poised, the kind of woman you would proudly accompany into any event or situation.

You can see from her website that she is beautiful. What you can't see is how well she dresses. I think Sayuri is one of the most nicely dressed women I've ever been out with. I saw her for dinner some time ago, and she wore a really stylish knit dress with a (suede?) belt and nicely matching knee-high boots. She looked soooo nice that when we got back to the room and she suggested a shower, I was almost a little disappointed that she was taking it off -- I really wanted to just admire her a little bit longer :)

She's quite intelligent, thoughtful, and well-educated. Dinner conversation is really interesting, and just flows effortlessly. She engages with you, and makes you think. She has her own thoughts and opinions, and she shares them freely.

Her English is excellent, and this really facilitates the interaction for those of us who aren't fluent in Japanese. Here in Japan, I've been with girls who speak no English, girls who speak a little English, girls who speak quite a bit of English, and ...Sayuri. The quality of the experience is dramatically impacted by communication, and you may find yourself forgetting that Sayuri's native language is not English.

Her figure is quite slender and delicate. If you like meaty women, then perhaps Sayuri is not for you. I don't have the feeling that she is fragile, but I tend to feel that I should be a little extra gentle with her. I have never been partial to really slender figures like hers (and I almost didn't book her the first time because of this), but she's made a believer of me :)

Finally, after seeing her multiple times over the last year, I have come to know a little bit about Sayuri. Of course it is limited, and she shares only what she wants to, but I believe her to be a good and kind-hearted person. I trust her. Just a feeling, but worth saying nonetheless. I think she stands a cut above many in this business. I think if you get an opportunity to meet her, you will not be disappointed.
Thanks for another glowing review.
Doraemon, it's the many reviews I read online that made me want to register on TAD today. Being overseas, we never actually have Japanese or Korean escorts. We have really beautiful Russian women, but we crave for orientals since we lack diversity. I sent her an email today asking if she knows any friends who tour in Western Europe.

Sayuri if you're reading, please come to Italy!!!