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Kansai-sayuri Review - 8/6/2013


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May 5, 2012
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I didn't expect to be writing a review just an hour after seeing Sayuri but it was fantastic and I'm super relaxed and contented so I just feel like chilling out right now and, well, might as well put up a review.

I now have another reason to be really glad I visited Kyoto. I can't really say anything that hasn't already been said but I hope that, like me, everyone on here appreciates reviews, even if they are repeats. Always good to know that things are as good as always.

First up, Sayuri was excellent in her communication. I received a reply to my email pretty quickly, we agreed upon a time and she kept me updated so that I wasn't left wondering if she'd show up. 10 out of 10 already. I actually got quite nervous whilst waiting for Sayuri to arrive because I knew she'd be pretty and also very good company and I guess perhaps I got myself a little too over excited. And when she turned up (exactly on time, another 10 out of 10) I wasn't wrong. She is very pretty, dresses really nicely, fashionable and attractive, and she is so easy to talk to. I mean super easy to talk to. And her eyes, wow does she have pretty eyes!

Well, after a bit of conversation she suggested a shower. Me being the idiot that I was hadn't even considered the shower. I hadn't asked for an extra towel! I felt really bad and it could have been a problem but Sayuri was totally relaxed about the whole thing. It's the stuff like that which makes her so easy to spend time with. And, if Sayuri happens to read this, I'm sorry again for not thinking about getting an extra towel.

As for sex, if you are a bit submissive like me it isn't a problem at all. I think Sayuri quickly realized that I was quite submissive and it didn't take long for her to gently control things. I wont go into all the personal details but I will say that I am still sitting here now feeling 100% satisfied and content. It was truly a joy to have spent time with her.
Wow, that was quite fast JSG!! \(^3^)/

I was returning on the train and checking up on a few things when I noticed this and thought "Has it really been an hour yet?". Though it certainly took me a few more days to login and post here...sorry about that. (laugh)

Thank you very much for the thoughtful compliments. Girls really do love hearing such things and I'm no exception...perhaps I am more susceptible to compliments than most, to tell you the truth. But it *is* very motivating and makes me want to strive harder to be the best I can!! m(__)m

Oh, please do not worry about a towel. Such a mundane thing is so easily overlooked and I think I probably would have missed it too. Much more importantly, I am thankful for the opportunity to have met you....Yes, thank you very much for everything!!

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FYI: We have an announcement coming, but please create a new thread for each specific review. Combining reviews in one thread makes it difficult to find the latest material.

These posts were split out from the original thread.

Thanks for your understanding.
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I would have thought having reviews altogether would be better.
Every other board I've been on has separate threads for escorts, and in my opinion it works a lot better.

It reduces a lot of confusion as to whom a question is being addressed to and users don't have to wade through 9 pages of conversation to find good information, it splits out reviews for specific providers at an agency -- we have a number of reviews for Hipness or Hinomaru that should be split out, for example, and if a provider leaves one agency and goes independent, it's a lot easier to track down info on that particular woman.
I would have thought having reviews altogether would be better.

@psd - We have been down this path (in discussion) before. Some updates to our posting guidelines are coming soon which will help make the moderator's jobs easier in addition to making the latest content more readily available. I'm not going to clutter up this spot, but please check for the updated posting guide when it comes out...soon'ish. :watching:

Thank you for separating this. I appreciate it very much! ^3^

@psd: How have you been doing? I can see the pros and cons of both methods but prefer each review having it's own discrete thread....perhaps I am simply being selfish. (O_O);

Thank you again!!
Kisses xoxo