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Kaori @ Madam Coco Hon Atsugi


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Nov 19, 2011
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Good evening. Just wanted to give an input on a visit I made to Madam Coco in Hon Atsugi last Thursday. It was about 2 PM when I visited. It is very easy to find with viewing from Google maps. I know Hairy Guy gave some direction in a previous thread and was accurate.

Well on my visit walked in and up to the 2 floor. Ask the gentleman if Gaijins were okay to use services. He said yes and walked right on in. He provided a menu for the options of time. You can visit their sire for the cost. I selected a 75 minute course as I thought 60 minutes was just a little short of what I wanted. I asked for photos of available ladies and was offered three ladies. I had my eyes on Kaori ( and was lucky enough she was available. Paid the fee and was ushered in to a waiting lounge waiting about five. It was then I was introduced to Kaori. Very nice personality and demeanor. Great smiles Kaori wore a short sexy dress and took my hands and lead me to her room.

As described by Hairy Guy the room is quite small enough for a folding bed and an air mattress. We sat down on the bed and chit chatted a little. She understood some English and I knew what I call survival Japanese, thus enough to give and get what we both asked for. We took clothes off together and when she dropped her bra and panties I was not disappointed. I like small petite and Japanese ladies and she was just what I wanted. She did have a neat patch work in the mid area enough to say yes I want to have a DATY quickly. We started with a shower washing the body with body to body contact and clean the nether regions that felt heavenly that put both of use at ease. Selected to get the nuru slippery gel service on the air mattress and enjoy the nice body to body contact with her whispering in my and licking the entire body and boy it felt smooth and silky. While on top of back with full body contact we played around with each and she enjoyed wrap around hand as I provide a slow and easy massage of the Y area and knew that she was ready and she let loose and I felt the warm sweet juice flow from her into my hands. With a little more nuru massage she asked me to get up on my knees and it was then she started slow and easy with her tongue all over the back and lower area and darted her tongue into comfort zone that made me want more. She then had me turn over and went and did the sumata way. We continued to play with each other taking her small perky breast giving it a good massage and it was then I was provide with more love juices to feel and taste. Had some more DATY with nuru gel and watched her wither slowing moaning for more. Finishing up we took another shower and cleaning up the area and more chit chat. Just wished there was more time. Next time a little longer will work.
Leaving I provide her with some Godiva chocolates that she was really happy to get. Guys though you are paying 4 play giving a small gift will always get you remembered and better service next time with the same lady or others as the girls do talk to each other within their facilities. Also provide the Techno with some Godiva cookies.

So I would rate the experience as follows:
Ease of Service with front desk: 10/10
Looks: 9/10
Kaori Services provided: 9/10 (Would have been 10/10 had it gotten to FS)
Personality: 10/10
Breast small and perky and natural no artificial fillings: 10/10