Karaoke anyone?

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    Hey Yallz,

    I'm a 25 year young Japanese Mexican American, here in Saitama/Tokyo until the end of May 2012. Thats right, half Japanese, Mexican/Danish mix omg it true but I'm good at other things too. I'm staying with a friend and visiting some family but would like some company in the evenings or delightful afternoons, maybe hit up the karaoke and I'll swear to sing my heart out for you.
    How I'll look when you see me is about 177cm, 73 kilograms, athletic/thin, and got a Okinawan frohawk (thats a fro mohawk mix Okinawan style fyi)

    I am a bisexual and interested in many types of girls (tall, more to grab, skinny, short, I love all you girls), not too picky I just ask you be next to me!
    Guys though, I love drag queens who are short, thin, cute, and that can BACK UP their talk, hehe. If you are a ladyboy ESP. A THAI LADYBOY, please get back to me asap. OMG, I just saw Hangover 2 and f#@k yeah! Get back to me, I will entertain ya!
    Oh and so yeah, I am kind of an entertainer, privately I play guitar with friends and sing so would love to sing along with ya.

    こんわ YALL!

    DATEをしたなら、でんわしてください。はい、けたい電話があります。MY NUMBERほしいなら、教えてください。ぜんぶ女の人がすきです、ほんとうに。しかし、BISEXUALですから、とくいてき男の人が好きです。DRAG QUEENとほそくちさい男の人好きです。とくに、LADYBOYかTHAI LADYBOYですがマゲマゲデ教えて下さい。いしょうに、歌いましょう!!!
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    I'm not a lady boy, Gay, or anything else other than a person who loves to sing Karaoke and am game for getting together for a night of singing fun. If you are still here lets meet in Shinjuku sometime

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