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Jan 9, 2012
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Konbanwa guys!

I really wanted to open this thread long time ago... but for many reasons
i could not (i have been "out of bussines" for a long time due to love-reasons,
but she broke my hearth...). Anyway, i want to ask people information about
karaoke-brothels (gaijin-friendly) in Tokyo area (and abroad Japan for other
people belonging to our community). You know, the japanese people invented
teh karaoke (great invention!), but they do not stop there... they spent long
time trying to improve such great invention: and they got it; suppose you
are drunk singing songs with your friends and drinking beers, what is missing?:rolleyes:
Of course! GIRLS!!! :D :p then, the japanese invented the karaoke-brothel.
I know it exits because i have been in one (actually in 2 :cool: hahahaha), but very far from Tokyo :-(
So, i am interested to know locations for some of these karaoke with "open-women"
in Tokyo area; i am pretty sure it should be several or them, and hopefully, maybe a
few are gaijin friendly.

Please, if you know some information about these places, please share with
our community.
Yes! I am interested in this too!
Pray advise where such places exist in Tokyo?
Well, no answers yet... i have to say that the one i visited in Japan (very far from Tokyo) was thanks to one japanese man who i met drinking in a bar; he asked me to go with him, and i got the impression that i just be accepted there because i was escorted for this japanese man: i did not see other foreigners inside this local... we started to drink many alcoholic drinks with beauties sitting with us and chating; they liked it to push you to sing in karaoke in front of all the people there, and it was too much fun: the public was so enthusiastic! They introduced me the "mama-san", who speaks english pretty well, and she told me i can pick up one of the ladies and going to a private room with her; unfortunatelly i was very limited in funds in such night, so i could not enjoy the charm of the lady who was talking with me :-(

I have no doubt there many of such locals in Tokyo, but for us, the question is: is there any who accept foreigners? i am very pesimistic about that.