Kiki From Betty Blue


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Mar 18, 2014
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Hi guys,

I just came back from Uguisudani, with Kiki
I first called Love Doll, but no good for Caucasian. (They asked my citizenship, so it may be OK for asians).
I then called Betty Blue. Quite nice guy on the phone.

I pass the details of the Love Hotel... and Kiki arrives.

She is amazingly hot. Like pornstar hot. Physical 10/10, without question. Only issue, not shaved, but I am pretty open minded on this.

I pay 20 000 yen for 80 min, and we start small chatting. I immediately notice something off about her attitude, but I guess, it doesn't matter, as her physical will be enough.

We slowly go to the shower, and I can see her amazing body.

The shower is pretty quiet, as I try to break the ice, with little success.

Then to bed, she dimmed the light and go inside the blanket. I say to myself, she is a bit shy, but no problem, I am still going to have good time. Preliminaries starts well, and my hand starts going down, but no hand allowed there (did not ask for tongue).
This cools me down very badly, as I like preliminaries. But I am a professional, so I go on with dirty chatting. "Sorry I don't speak Japanese" she answers in Japanese (the actual translation is "shut the fuck off"). I am pretty cold, but I tell myself if she wants to lead... let see. She puts the condom in place, and a bit of handjob (level 1/10). I am not a hand kind of people anyway, so lets wait for the BJ.
But no BJ... (not even with protection), no more handjob, just a "aren't you hard yet?", which pisses me off.
I still want to fuck her, so I starts focusing, and reached half hard stage. (After 1min shower with Hipness Erika, I was already fully hard). And start business. She basically spread the legs and wait, so after two minutes, I have really no more sexual energy. I keep hope she is going to do sth, but she just tells me to cum by myself. I try a bit, starts getting hard, looks at her and talk, and the cold answer cools it down. Try again, get a bit harder than before look at her "why are you watching me", Ok back to level 0.

In the end, after 50 min of cooling down, I feel as if I cummed 4 times in a row: I cannot have sex for the next 6 months. And probably no more KDH for the rest of my life as well.
So to resume, body 10/10 (really oh my god body), attitude 0/10 (oh my god as well, but the other one), technique 1/10 (hard to say though).
Would I recommend? Hmmmmm,.................... no unless you want to cool down from the next 6 months.
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