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Kitsune's "Best of" review, summer 2012


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Jul 29, 2011
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This may be the one and only time that I do this, but since I recently wrapped my first year of serious hobbying, I thought this might be a good time for a little retrospective. I really don't intend to make a habit of excessively long posts, but this one (like my last one) is definitely in that class. If you don't have a lot of time, you might want to skip this one. In case you want to read it in bits and pieces, I've added section headers to make it easier :)

I'm mainly including girls from Tokyo/Osaka here, except for 3 categories that required me to go "off grid". That means your favorite girl may not even be in the running simply because I've never been fortunate enough to meet her. So, this piece is definitely based on a limited sampling, but I hope it's still useful and entertaining.

A little background
Prior to this year, I've had only a few experiences with p4p, all in Japan: a couple of Shinjuku massage experiences (one very good, the other very bad), and one FS experience. In July 2011, I found TAG, and that's where this begins.

The beginning of the year, summer 2011
While on a business trip that included a visit to Tokyo, I googled shinjuku massage, and started following links. Somehow I found TAG, and there I found a reference to AM. Yes! This was exactly what I was looking for. I contacted AM by email, and after several back-and-forths, settled on Aki (who, sadly, is no longer with them). And thus began the adventure!

I want to apologize in advance if you are one of the girls below and you don't think I've given you your due. This is meant to be light-hearted and fun, and if you think that you are better entitled to one of the "best of" rankings, I'd almost certainly be ever so happy to give you a chance to persuade me :)

With the formalities out of the way, let's get on with it!

The Lineup
As noted, we have a limited set of girls to consider in the ratings. Here is our lineup:

Aki of AM
Independent Aki (not local)
Lili of AM
Rio of AM
Independent Bianca
Miki of Hipness
Aya of AM
Independent Miko (not local)
Independent Izah (not local)
Miki of AM (Osaka)
Yoko of AM (Osaka)

I debated about the usefulness of rating non-local girls, and decided that it adds enough to the overall ratings to justify. I could list 5 other non-local girls that I've seen (busy year!), but they don't rate, so it wouldn't really be useful, and I've left them out.

Best Vampira
I was wandering through Shinjuku looking for a good massage place when a Taiwanese girl approached me and offered me an hour for 6000Y. I asked if sabisu was included, and she smiled and nodded. I followed her back to the shop, where there were 5-6 other woman out front soliciting passers-by. Up the stairs we went, and into a curtained booth with a massage table. I undressed, hung my clothes on a hook (all self-service so far), and she motioned for me to climb on the table. No shower.

The girl began giving me a reasonably good massage, working the muscles first in my shoulders, and then my arms, then my back, and then in each of my legs. I was thinking that it was really feeling good when the quality of the massage suddenly changed: there were too many hands! I quickly realized that there were now two woman, and man, did it feel good!

I turned over to see the second one, an attractive 30ish woman of maybe Thai or Malaysian decent. They asked if I wanted two girls, saying that it would be an additional 12000 yen (maybe not coincidentally, exactly the amount of money I had remaining in my pants, which were hanging on the wall, close to the second girl).

I said that if one is 6000, then 2 should be 12000 total, but they insisted, while kissing my legs, stomach, and various other sensitive places, that the total price is 18000. I felt like Jonathan Harker in the Dracula movie: bitches from hell, but it feels so good! I relented, and I got the massage/hand-job of my life.

I have always thought of them as "vampire bitches", and have often kicked myself for being so weak at the critical moment. But it hurt so good!

Best Kisser
I never realized what I've been missing until I had a go with Aki of AM. She has the softest, warmest, sweetest, and most delicious kisses of any girl I've ever met. In my first review I noted that I would happily pay to do nothing but make out with Aki, and after seeing her a second time a little later in the year, I enthusiastically reaffirm this statement. I had less than stellar overall experiences in both sessions with Aki, but I would gladly go for round 3 just to feel those sweet lips entwining mine once again (if only she were still around!)

If I had to pick a runner up, I'd have a hard time choosing between Manami/TMK and Rio/AM, but Aki is so good that she stands head and shoulders above both. And that's really saying something.

Most Professional Provider
I think most TAG'ers would agree that Manami/TMK wins this one, with no really close competitors. There are certainly other providers that are *very* good, but Manami ranks far above even them. From start to finish, not a moment goes by in which Manami is not totally focused on you and your pleasure. The shower experience alone is worth the entire cost of the liaison, and you will never be the same after 2 hours with this girl. Beautiful, smart, articulate, and totally focused on bringing you to climax as often as time and physiology will permit, Manami is unrivaled in my experience.

If I had to pick a runner up, Rio/AM would be my choice. As someone else noted following one of my reviews, she knows what works and what doesn't. She has techniques that I've never experienced anywhere else, and she goes like the energizer bunny when it comes to pleasing you. Some girls really do improve with age.

Most Innocent
When I first met Izah (independent Korean), I got the impression that she was new to the business, and was much too nice a girl to be taking such risks as an independent. She is beautiful, kind-hearted, gentle and sweet, and I was almost sure she was brand new to the business, until I experienced her various techniques. One of the most skilled lovers I've ever encountered, her sweet innocence is the perfect foil to her advanced budoir technique. If I were just a little more foolish, I could so easily fall in love with this girl!

Manami, Manami, a thousand times Manami!

Best GFE (Tokyo)
Aya/AM gets the nod for best GFE in Tokyo. Warm, outgoing, and enthusiastic about her work, she feels like an intimate friend with years of shared history after just a few minutes together. Her English is near-native, and while she is older than some of the AM girls, she has a stunning figure and a sultry look that are sure to get your juices flowing.

If I had to pick a runner up in Tokyo, it would be Lili/AM. Good things *do* come in small packages.

Best GFE (Osaka)
Miki/AM wins the gold for best GFE in Osaka (or anywhere else, in my opinion). What she lacks in English skills she more than makes up for in intimate relations. She took a little while to relax in our first meeting, but once out of the shower, she made me feel like she genuinely enjoyed every aspect of me. It really doesn't matter if it was an act or not: it feels very personal and intimate, indistinguishable from the real thing. I've seen her a number of times since, and it's only gotten better each time. Miki gives the quintessential GFE.

Best PSE
Korean Aki (from my home town, but I have to include her for this to be complete) wins this without a doubt. After my first disappointment with Aki/AM in Tokyo, I decided to try the local p4p scene near my home. When I saw the picures of this Aki, I had to try her, and oh my god, what a body, what technique, and what an experience! She worked me every which way until I popped, and then she immediately started in on me again. One of the sexiest, curviest women I've ever seen, she is some sort of sex goddess. My only complaint was that she really liked to talk dirty (playfully, but persistently and continuously), and that's just not my thing.

Best Massage
Miko (native Japanese visiting my home town, but I have to include her if the review is to be complete) has, over the past year, given me some of the best shiatsu I've experienced. She is something right out of anime: very petite, 30ish years but looks like a teen, very playful and highly skilled in all aspects of lovemaking, yet what really stands out is the superb massage. Miko taught me that there is nothing like a skillful full-body massage after a few hours of lovemaking.

Manami/TMK also gives a really nice massage, but it's not quite in this class.

Best Breasts
Manami/TMK takes the honors for most beautiful breasts. Soft, natural, curvy, and oh so tasty, there is nothing quite like the view of Manami's bobbing breasts from your anything-but-relaxed position on your back below her. When I first met her, she backed into me, wrapped my arms around her, placed my hands on her breasts, and started to gently and rythmically squeeze, and oh my god, do I wish that I could do that again right now! With her soft hands guiding me, the feel of her erect nipples through silken blouse, her soft bottom pushing against me... oh man! And, speaking of soft bottoms...

Best Bottom
This was a tough call. Lili/AM has a soft and shapely bottom that feels oh so nice when going at it DS, but I'm partial to a little fuller look, and Manami/TMK definitely takes the prize there. I think those who prefer a sexy, curvy look would agree that Manami is top of the line, but Lili is a sure runner-up.

Best (Sweetest) Juices
I love the taste of Japanese woman! Someone else here wondered if it is the diet, and I have no idea, but in my experience Japanese women have the sweetest tasting juices, and of all the ones that I've tried, Miki/AM is my favorite flavor :)

Wrap up

And there you have it, my year in review for summer 2011 through summer 2012. I started off in 2011 as a rank beginner, and a year later, I think that maybe I've advanced to "intermediate". All in all, I'd say it's been a very good year, and I will feel fortunate in the extreme if I have another one that is anything like it :)
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Wow. That was an awesome post Kitsune! I will be looking forward to the "Best of 2012" installment. Thanks again!
@Narco21: I've already started collecting data for the next installment, and I gotta say, I'm lovin' it :)
It's sad reading Minami take the prize so conclusively in so many categories. Is she really gone? Did I really miss my chance?
@regnad: It is probably better that you never met her. You can't miss what you never had. The rest of us are in mourning. The girl in this video reminds me a *little* bit of Manami: JAV88.NET - XVIDEOS.COM
Yes, mourning is exactly the right word. If Minami returns, I will immediately drop what I'm doing, set up an appt, make a quick excuse to take off of work, and book the first available flight to Tokyo. Even if it were only for 2 more hours with her, it would be worth every yen. I guess I'm still somewhere between denial and bargaining :)
Is Manami/TMK still available? If so what is her contact infomation or website? Thanks.
I see now. Sorry but I see she is no longer in Tokyo are. Eyes were whort on reading.
Before she left the scene, Manami had told me she would maintain a private list of select clients from September, that i would be in it (I was a dedicated client) and would consider some appointments from time to time. Have not heard back at all so far. Did anyone get lucky?
@Narco21: I've already started collecting data for the next installment, and I gotta say, I'm lovin' it :)

Kitsune, any update on your Summer 2012 to Early Summer 2013? :rolleyes: Just wishing. Also you mentioned a few girls in your hometown? Are they in Japan and if so where? Thanks and keep marching on. :D
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