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Kitsune's "Best of" review, summer 2013


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Jul 29, 2011
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Back, by popular demand! I had been planning to skip the review this year, for a few reasons. First, now that I've found the best, I'm far less interested in the rest :) Second, I've been very busy, and just haven't had as much time for hobbying (or for writing long reviews). But, since I've seen on and off list requests for another best-of retrospective, I decided to give it a go after all. I hope you enjoy it.

It's important to note that "the best" is highly subjective, and what I like may not be what you like. So, take my designations with a grain of salt. On the other hand, I *do* know what I like, and I've definitely found it with a few of these girls :)

And, as I noted last year, I want to apologize in advance if you are one of the girls below and you don't think I've given you your due. This is meant to be light-hearted and fun, and if you think that you are better entitled to one of the "best of" rankings, I would be ever so happy to give you a chance to persuade me :)

The Lineup
Notice that the lineup is smaller this year:

Bruna of AM
Miki of AM
Kansai-Sayuri (Kansai/Tokyo independent)
Miho (from Tokyo, previously active in my hometown)
Ai of AM
Yuki of AM
Izah (Seoul independent)
Sarah Miehn (Seoul independent)

I've included some girls from Seoul, as I know that some of you get there on occasion. There are a few other girls from my hometown that I've seen but not included. Since Miho left, I am largely disillusioned with that scene, and so I've all but given up there. Most of the girls I've encountered at home are low-priced, high-volume providers, and I really have no interest in that assembly line feeling. I tried a few high-priced and (supposedly) low volume providers as well, but I've generally been very disappointed. Far better to save up for a visit to Japan :)

Note that I am making a special effort to avoid negative comments below. This is not intended to be a classic review collection, but rather, it is light-hearted, and hopefully, entertaining. If I don't have good things to say about one of the girls listed above, then rather than say something negative, I will say nothing at all.

Let's get on with it!

Best Date Experience (and Best GFE)
In another review on TAG, I described a dinner and movie date with Kansai-Sayuri. It's more than a little surprising to me that this was, without a doubt, the best date I've *ever* had. I know, I know, it sounds so lame (your best date ever was p4p?!) but if you ever get a chance to share an experience like this with her, I think you may come to understand why I feel this way.

Sayuri stands *so* far apart from most other providers, there's just no easy comparison. Her relaxed, casual approach immediately put me at ease, and eating dinner and watching a movie while cuddling with her was simply awesome. I wouldn't normally think of watching a romantic movie in a p4p situation, but with her, it felt *so* right. If ever I were to be foolish enough to fall for a p4p provider, Sayuri would likely be the one. I can't wait to see her again!

Most Missed
I'm sure a lot of TAG'rs would pencil in Manami here, and this was a tough call for me. But, while I certainly miss Manami, my "most missed" designation has to go to someone else.

In my 2012 retrospective I mentioned Miko (typo, should have been Miho), a 30ish independent provider who is much younger at heart, and who gives the most amazing shiatsu after lovemaking. She was active in my hometown area for several years, and was well loved by all who met her (pun intended :)). Shortly after my 2012 post, Miho disappeared (returned to Tokyo?), maybe because of an expired visa.

I don't know for sure what happened to her, and I *really* miss her. Sadly, because I had her cell number, I never thought to ask for her email. That cell number is no good anymore, so I've completely lost contact with her. I'm still in mourning. I hope she is doing well in the Tokyo scene, and that I'm fortunate enough to meet her again someday. She was definitely in the same class as Manami and Kansai Sayuri.

Most Kawaii
I've met some very cute girls, and this one almost went to Kansai-Sayuri, but then I decided that she is actually more beautiful than cute (although she is *very* cute). Sarah Miehn (from Seoul, type her name into your favorite search engine) also came close to taking this one, but after much deliberation, the honor goes to Ai. Ai exudes that kawaii GND vibe, and she is definitely the girl most likely to have a Totoro hanging off her purse. Not really my thing, but she does manage to pull it off.

Most Vocal Receiver
When it comes to lovemaking, some girls do it quietly, and some don't. Of those who like to vocalize, there is a spectrum that goes from quiet purring all the way to frenzied cries. Personally, I don't like it when girls over-dramatize, and are way over the top with their noise making. I know they are trying to make me feel good, but trust me girls, it's not a turn on.

On the other hand, some girls really are sincere, and while I might hope that people walking by my hotel room didn't know what I was up to, I can't really find fault with sincere erotic expression. Yuki takes the prize for this one. She is, by far, the most vocal woman I've ever had the pleasure of pleasuring, and I didn't get the impression that it was the least bit put on. I think she really does enjoy herself, and everyone around her knows it :)

Wildest Girl Ever
I guess that if you engage in p4p long enough, you'll meet all sorts of girls. Even though I've only been at this a relatively short time, I thought I'd pretty well run the spectrum, but then I met Sarah Miehn, a Korean-American beauty currently living in Seoul. She is an experience that is not to be missed. On one hand, Sarah is very casual, but on the other, the word that keeps coming into my mind is "wild". It's difficult to pin down. She's in some ways low key, but there is something that is just beneath the surface, and somehow it teases and cajoles and invigorates and connects with something deep inside of you. It makes you feel electrifyingly *erotic*.

She is very youthful and energetic in her presentation, and after a few minutes with her, you will begin to catch the fever. She's very straightforward, and she'll ask you point blank what you like, looking you directly in the eye. If you hesitate, she'll coax it out of you, and before you know it, you'll be immersed in raw and pure sexuality with one of the hottest girls you'll ever meet. Erotic, beautiful, cute, fun, awesome. Sarah gets my vote for wildest girl ever. She is a breath of fresh air, not to be missed.

Sexiest Striptease
I never realized how sexy undressing can be until Yuki showed me the possibilities. I don't think she had any intention of turning it into an erotic event, but for me, it most definitely was. She casually asked if we should shower, and we both stood up. She started to unzip her dress, but then asked if we could brush teeth first. With her dress partially unzipped, we brushed while looking out the window at the Tokyo skyline. It was subtle, but just seeing a little flash of her silky underclothing was enough to jump-start my chemical reaction :)

We finished up with the toothbrushes, and she gracefully shed her dress. She was wearing a silky slip that accentuated her generous curves, and just looking at her did something to me. Smiling non-chalantly and looking casually at me, she slowly lowered the slip, gradually exposing first her cleavage, then shapely breasts nicely framed in a stylish bra, and then her smooth stomach, before stopping briefly at her curvy hips. Her hips swayed slightly as she slid the slip over them, and then it was laying on the floor around her ankles. At this point she was wearing nothing but a g-string and matching bra, and she looked luscious.

She stepped out of the slip, pressed against me, and kissed me warmly. Oh, man! After the kiss, she reached around and released the fastener, revealing those beautiful breasts au natural. She leaned into me and kissed me again, and then took my hand and led me to the shower. I must have had the most stupid-looking grin as she stepped out of her g-string :-#

Yuki wins the gold for sexiest striptease. I don't know if she meant it that way or not, but it was awesome!

Sexiest In A Neglige
I don't know about you, but there is something about a girl in sexy sleepwear that just puts me over the edge. The way the soft, silky fabric clings to her curves, the smooth, sensual feel of it as I softly caress her breasts, the feel against my skin as she gently brushes my nether regions during a kiss, oh, my!

I don't have a lot of experience with p4p girls in this sort of outfit (other than Aya/AM, who is sooo sexy), but on an impulse, I purchased a sexy nighty at an upscale store and presented it to Miki, who happily donned it and took me for the ride of my life.

I think Miki is so seriously hot to begin with, but when she put on that sheer black nighty, I nearly popped at the sight of her. Looking back at years of experience, I've never been more aroused. Miki is not to be missed under any circumstance, but if you get the chance to see her in sexy sleepwear, I sooo envy you!

Most Curvaceous Derriere
What is it about a curvy woman that so rapidly and predictably drives us to the brink of desperate desire? That roundness, those smooth contours, that soft and warm sexiness... why do her curves affect us this way? It is something primal, something primitive, something so basic, yet it defies explanation.

I've seen some sexy girls in Tokyo, but Bruna wins the gold for curviness, and in particular, for that amazing derriere. As I noted in my review, she took me from peak to valley and back again, spanning an amazing range from the tenderest to the most vigorous lovemaking imaginable. She's an experience not to be missed, and that derriere should qualify her for a lifetime achievement award :)

Best Kisses
Choosing the winner of this one is really tough, and I guess that's a really good thing. It's amazing to me that some p4p providers will not kiss at all, or (perhaps worse), don't kiss like they mean it. To me, kissing is one of the most basic parts of the sexual experience, and if a girl is not into it, that's a show stopper. Luckily, that's not a problem with this year's lineup :)

Last year, I immediately knew who the winner of this one was, no question (I miss Aki!), but this year it is much more difficult. So many beautiful girls, so many luscious kisses, just writing this makes me realize how lucky I have been! But, I guess I have to choose among the top contenders: Bruna, Sayuri, and Miki.

Bruna surprised me. Completely relaxed from the moment we met, she casually drove the early interaction. Sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine, she put her hand on my leg, commented on my slow start (are you shy?), and within a few moments she was kissing me warmly, sweetly, softly, passionately... wow, describing this is giving me tingles! She is awesome!

Kansai-Sayuri is in a class of her own. She starts slowly, holding her passion in reserve, and kisses softly, maybe a little tentatively, exploring. As she warms, her lips begin to reach for yours, her tongue caresses the soft inside of your lip, her mouth opens slowly to reveal the soft, warm depths of her growing passion, and you are enveloped in a comfortable warmth that at once calms, excites, and energizes. There is nothing like this, and I could easily spend hours making out with Sayuri. If only she were here right now!

Miki and I have come to know one another quite well when it comes to kissing, and that may give her an edge. When we first kissed (it seems so long ago!), she hesitated for just an instant before giving herself fully to the moment. Her lips engulfed mine, our tongues softly interacting, and as she insistently pulled me closer, she let out a low, passionate murmur. That throaty purr evolved into a passionate growl, and my legs went wobbly. I've had numerous similar experiences with Miki, and it stuns me every time. Amazing!.

So, this is the toughest call of all, which is why I guess I left this one for last. How do you choose, when they are all so excellent? Well, if choose I must, then in the end, it has to be a tie. Sayuri and Miki share the gold for best kisses, with Bruna taking a close second. If you girls want to go for a rematch, I am available anytime :)

Wrap Up
When I started writing this, I had the feeling that the entire retrospective would end up being about Miki and Sayuri. While that didn't turn out to be the case, the truth is, I prefer those two ahead of just about anyone else I've ever met. They both provide very high quality experiences, so much so that I sometimes go far out of my way just to see one of them. As I've noted in a previous post, they have so spoiled me that it's difficult for anyone else to measure up.

So, another year gone by, along with many more amazing experiences. I enjoyed writing this (but I enjoyed *researching* it even more!), and I hope you found it entertaining. Tokyo and Osaka have some of the most appealing women in the world, in my experience, and I will continue to do my best to enjoy them. Gambatte imasu!
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I was waiting for your review and it is not disappointing. Very enlightening and a good tease to get more involved. Have a great summer!!
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I have a 6 hour lay over in Narita coming up. Will these girls be allowed inside the Airport Hotel?
I have a 6 hour lay over in Narita coming up. Will these girls be allowed inside the Airport Hotel?

It really depends on the hotel. Also note that Narita is 45+ minutes by train from central Tokyo at best, so most agencies will charge extra to deliver to Narita.
I will be in Kyoto shortly and have reached out to sayuri. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that well be able to work our schedules out, but in the event I have to look elsewhere(I hope I don't have to) who else does anyone recommend?
I will be in Kyoto shortly and have reached out to sayuri. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that well be able to work our schedules out, but in the event I have to look elsewhere(I hope I don't have to) who else does anyone recommend?

Well, since you have the budget for escorts and no Japanese ability, an obvious option for you would be to try AM´s girl in Kyoto. At least you won´t get "rooked" that way.
I have reached out to AM, it seems miki is the only option, just was t sure if I was missing a name I should look into. Thank you.
I have reached out to AM, it seems miki is the only option, just was t sure if I was missing a name I should look into. Thank you.

You already found Sayuri in another post I saw, so AM & Sayuri are probably you best options at this point.

I don't have anything else current on the Osaka/Kansai area.
Thank you for your interest Cuzzo9! ^3^

And sorry that your visit coincides with one of my company's busiest months, making it difficult to plan effectively around it all.

Unfortunately, Eri is based in Tokyo (how much longer seems to be in question as word is she likely to be transferred abroad) and I have nobody that I can recommend with confidence in Kyoto, sorry. orz

I hope that you have a great time exploring Kyoto. It is a really lovely city!