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Kitty - Bilingual White Hottie!


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Sep 20, 2013
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Kitty is an absolute delight, great english (native speaker), great japanese(native speaker) for those Japanese hangouts, and best of all fun to hang out with and oozes sex appeal.

I met Kitty for few hours at my hotel where we grabbed drinks at the bar while watching beautiful tokyo city views. She is super fun, with a great face and body to look at. We spent an hour or two just chatting because she was so fun and engaging, but looking at her T&A for that long, i needed to get to the next level and we headed to my room after couple of drinks.

No touch yet but but was super turned on to find such a sexy delight as kitty.....and..... she didn't disappoint. She gave what folks in other parts of the world would call full GFE service and didn't turn long for it to turn to PSE grade fun ( look up the acronyms on I can tell you she will get you going fast, and is definitely a moaner, and knows how to get a man going, I just hope I returned the favor gave her some good fun time back ;)

She is the perfect white girl with best flavors of Japan mixed in, maybe thats what makes her taste so good! Blonde, blue eyes, straight hair, good T&A and super fit, I wouldn't miss this one but do give her advance notice and she is picky but accommodating, you will be glad you met her!

check her website here - she has girl next door pictures but looks way hotter in person.