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    Goodness gracious! Honestly, filling out this form for Kitty seems redundant in the extreme.

    Date: Aug 4. Booked for 1930, but Kitty had earlier availability, so we met at 1800.

    Provider: Kitty Carr


    Location: Love hotel in Dogenzaka not terribly far from Don Quixote. Can't recall the name, prolly couldn't backtrack to it either.

    Language: English

    Duration: 1 hour/¥55000, plus ~¥5000 for hotel.

    Her pictures on her website, though a touch dated, are a passible representation of her body. Her hair is a few inches longer now. I have very, very bad vision, and the mosaicing on her pictures made me think her hair was on the shaggy/poufy side. It's not. Honestly, if I were to describe her in detail, I'd be either writing a tawdry romance novel (Her vivacious blue eyes are framed by long, dark lashes and an elegant, expressive brow that can change her smile from winsome and easy to wicked and challenging in a flash.), or engaging in horse trading (notice the superior angle of her scapula with regards to the attachment point of her rhomboids and how aesthetically pleasing that shape is). In a nutshell, she's bombshell HAWT and that's with just my limited vision. Moreover, she's very affable, witty, and intelligent, and a delightful lass to be around on every level.

    Seriously though. Other folks have stated this details far more eloquently than I can without a thesaurus and a few rough drafts. I can only be lame and repeat them.

    Details that are specifically important to me due to my blindness: Her voice is in the low soprano, high alto range. Her accent is a relatively neutral British RP that will slip into a bit of brouge depending on how caught up in the action/conversation she gets. Her skin is smooth and silky, with a pleasant scent and taste. I like whatever it is she does with her hair as well.

    We met in Dogenzaka and walked to a hotel. I did not have one picked out (I got crazy lost when I went to Dogenzaka the first time to check it out - bloody effin' Google Maps). Kitty chose one. I told her it was my first time doing this sort of thing - she laughed and said she seems to attract that type. She was extremely accommodating in helping me maneuver around without my cane, despite the fact that I seemed pretty hellbent on tripping on the innumerable steps of a Japanese room and breaking my neck.

    I made one accommodation request that could be construed as unreasonable, but she was okay with it. Thank you so very much for that, Kitty! It really meant a lot to me, and I really appreciated for the trust!

    A few tangental notes based on the meeting: As per her website, Kitty does bring toys along (I didn't notice until nearly the end). She also isn't a huge fan of spending an excessive amount of time in the shower, which was fine by me.

    In summary, Kitty is the kind of lass that makes you want to please her, to make sure she enjoys the encounter as much as you do. She certainly made me feel that I satisfied her, which I appreciate that. I only had an hour with her (I don't go multiple rounds anymore, so I prefer quality over quantity), and honestly, I regret not having longer, even if the rest of the time would have been platonic hanging out. She's just that enjoyable to be around. I get that her companionship is pricey, but if quality is your thing, she's unbeatable. I'd repeat. Repeatedly. Makes me a bit glad I don't live in Tokyo, because I suspect I'd be in trouble.

    Recommend: Aye, heartily.
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    i would agree that she is one of the best women i have ever met.
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    If my schedule allows it, hopefully by my next pay day, I can arrange something. I may be busy later this month, but if not, I will aim for October or November.

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