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Apr 15, 2014
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Well, that's it. Not that long I guess after reading through it. Sorry about not spelling any of the Japanese names or words right. I'm lousy at that ;)

Anyone got any questions then let me know here! My new goal is to try some of the more unknown places. I like blow jobs and I have excess cash, so I figure it'll be a fun. My next target will probably be Sakura in Koenji - easy to find by the medium size pink sign that you can see from car 9 of the Chuo line - or Ageha in Koenji (which looks more girlfriendish, but says no foreigners on their System information).

A few others on the list are
www.hastlex2.com/system.php (Koenji)

I have a question about Koenji. I was exploring there the other day, the there's a small shopping road (Central Road, the sign is an arch over the street)
that's on the west end of the station that goes NorthWest...about a block in there's about six small storefronts right next to each other on the left: Pink Salons
with the pictures of the girls working on the outside of the building. Seems the pricing is fairly reasonable starting at Y3,000. One of the guys in the doorway
gave me the "X" arm signal meaning no Gaijin...has anyone been to any of these? Are any of these Gaijin friendly? Help will be much appreciated !


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Jul 17, 2012
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Moved this to a new Question since it's about Koenji and not the review in question. Anyone have any ideas?