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Apr 15, 2023
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Koibito Kibun in Kawasaki

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恋人気分 Koibito Kibun

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30 mins 9000 yen (base 8500 + shime 2000 - 1500 event discount)

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September 2023

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Japanese Only

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The Shop
So after trying various types of fuzoku I've found pink salons satisfy my needs as I'm not necessarily into penetrative sex as much as most ?
I went to the shop pretty late at night which increases the fee compared to morning slots. This shop technically doesn't accept foreigners but I think if you're confident and good enough at Japanese they may not question it. The other pink salon which I reviewed, which happens to be a sister shop, is in the same building as this one and the only reason I was denied service on my second visit was because I tried to get a student discount and they saw my name. Other pink salons like do-flamingo asked me if I'm a foreigner as I am not asian and was refused. However I am not white either and have enough features to pass for half it seems and this shop has no issue with that as I've never been asked about where I'm from from the staff. So if you think you can pull it off I'd recommend this place, especially since compared to other pink salons everything is full nude without extra cost.

When I went to the shop, I actually had planned to use my favorite provider but it seems that she got off early and Mami was staying longer instead and the staff recommended I go with her as she was ranked 3rd. I figured I'd give it a try and was handed a number and made to wait. I ended up waiting like 40 minutes even though I was told 15, which always makes me feel a bit uneasy as I'm scared they'll find out I'm not Japanese or something and also it probably means the provider is with another customer. Obviously I know this is their profession but it sorta kills the fantasy if you know they were sucking someone elses dick 5 minutes before your own. Anyway, once my number is called I'm asked to rinse my mouth and disinfect my hands and am lead into the back.
This pink salon is mat-shiki, so you basically get a tiny waist high cubicle with a mat (not the ones used in mat play) as the floor and a pillow with a small light. Its pretty dark and when you're lead to your mat you can see everyone else doing their thing. I wait a few minutes and then Mami comes and enters the cubicle with me.
She looks pretty much like her picture (which you can see when you visit the shop) and while not exactly my type I have no complaints. We introduce ourselves and we talk for a bit and as soon as I'm worried that we're talking too much she moves in closer and then sits herself in my lap. I can see why she's ranked so highly, as she saw I was a bit shy so she took control. While shes in my lap I can feel her soft legs and ass as we talk. She then leans in and asks if she can kiss me.
We kiss a bit and then I ask if we can undress, as we only have 30 minutes and as soon she says yes, I unhook her bra from over her clothes, which I didn't think much of but she acted impressed and said I must know what I'm doing.
I noticed this throughout the session but she's very good at boosting the customers ego and making them feel good about themselves more than just physically.
Once our clothes are off I can see her breast which are a nice and soft, maybe around a B cup. I ask her if she's and S or an M and she said she can do both so ofc I ask her to be S. She starts off by licking my nipples and I tell her she can be harsher and bite and she complies and it actually feels pretty good. She begins to lick me and slowly works her way down.
I tell her I like ass and she gets excited and tells me she wants me to eat her ass and proceeds to ride my face as she gives a BBBJ. She's really good at it and uses her whole head, rotating it as its in her mouth which feels really good. She compliments the size and then proceeds to try to deep throat it and she acts upset that she wasn't able to get it all the way in. Again, shes very good at making you feel special.
We switch positions so I can see her face again and she continues for a while till they announce we only have 10 minutes left. Tbh while I do enjoy BBBJ, it's hard to finish with it, which I think she realized and she switches to HJ and notices how I react so she sticks with that. She asks if she can spit on it and I say ofc and then I am not sure what came over me but I tell her to spit in my mouth too. She happily obliges and I've never asked a provider to do this before but it tasted sweet, like I was drinking her kisses. She continues the HJ and sometimes as the music in the shop changes songs it gets really quiet and all you can hear is her hand going at it. She points this out and makes it hot, saying like "oh no maybe the other people will hear us". She continues to talk dirty to me in ways I didn't actually think were possible while feeding me saliva. I feel like I'm close to finishing and I tell her not to stop as I want to squirt (something I found out was possible for me when I came here the first time and my favorite provider refused to stop even after I climaxed).
She said shes never done it before but she'll try. When I say I'm close she aims the head of the penis towards me which I assume is to avoid getting it all over herself but I was not ready for what would happen next.
I get closer and closer and Mami keeps giving me words of encouragement to finish and I just explode a huge load all over my face. The shock from this slightly ruined the orgasm as I didn't expect that level of propulsion or liquid.
I tell her to wait and that its on my face but she doesn't and keeps going as I asked. Its super sensitive and I no longer am able to worry about my face being covered in cum. I feel that I'm about to squirt and tell her to keep going and she keeps encouraging me to release.
Like I've said I've done this before but usually my dick is pointed up and maybe there like 3-4 squirt that come out. However, this time its pointed at me and I slightly come to my senses and begin to panic as I don't want to get it on my face. Unfortunately, Mami's technique is little too good and she succeeds in making me squirt. Luckily, shes mindful enough to aim it to the right of me and not my face and I release not just a squirt but a whole stream. We both are shocked at the amount but Mami being the champ that she is still doesn't stop and keeps going. I continue to release stream after stream and a pool of liquid (I know it's basically piss but oh well) begins to form on the mat. Finally when I'm fully drain and squirted more than I ever have, we both break into slight panic as the booth is now drenched.
We try to clean up with the wet and dry tissues in the booth and go through all of them. As we're cleaning and talking about how crazy that was, I noticed that Mami has seemingly broken character and her demeanor changed from "cute girl" to more of that of a "bro" if that makes sense. We finish cleaning she writes me a meishi and sends me on my completely drained telling me to come back again.

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Recommended, Will Repeat.

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I was pleasantly surprised at how good this session was even if the orgasm was slightly interrupted. I have gotten scared of trying new providers as I've had some less than stellar experiences when I first started. I think I will definitely want to see Mami again as I liked her personality and she had good technique. If you're able to finesse your way in I think this place is great.
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