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Lemon Cream - Gaijin Friendly?


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Sep 29, 2012
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I am looking to have my first soapland experience, and this site caught my eye with its low prices. Does anyone know if it is gaijin friendly or if they have a gaijin tax? My japanese is next to nothing, but I've heard that is not a problem for some places.
If you say "This site caught my eye", and then don't include the site, we can't provide any information whatsoever.

I wouldn't say those prices are THAT good. generally the higher end soaps are 2 hour courses, and they don't seem to even offer one of those here.

Unfortunately, unless someone has been there before you aren't really going to know if they are gaijin friendly until you go there. Since other soaplands that ARE gaijin friendly like Oushitsu are one block over, you don't have much to lose by trying.
Mixed reports on this one.

I've read some reports that say foreigners are okay, others said no foreigners were admitted. Speaking Japanese is a big plus and looking Asian + speaking Japanese seems to work very well too.

As Meiji pointed out already, if you're shot down at C-Lemon, there are other choices close by as well.
well i wanted to try c-lemon because it is cheaper than other soaplands. are there any other cheap soaplands that are good alternatives to c-lemon?