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AM Lili of AM


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Jun 30, 2011
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I have seen Lili of Asian Mystique three times now, and thought it was about time I wrote her a review.

Lili is a relatively new addition, having been with AM about 4 months. She always arrives on time and greets me with a friendly smile. She has a great attitude and really enjoys her work. Her English is very good. We often have good conversations between pops and she comes across as a bright girl with a relaxed outlook on life.

She is not a cute-type Japanese girl, but has an attractive face with long, lush, dyed brown hair. Physically, she is quite compact, standing around 5"1, as advertised. Her breasts are lovely, firm, sensitive hand-fulls. Her legs are slim, her stomach flat. Her pussy is gorgeous, very easily aroused, reaching orgasm readily, tight, and shaved around with a wisp above. But her prize asset is her bottom; small, taut, with a tattoo over one cheek.

Lili is a little sexy dynamo. BBBJ is excellent, with CIM. Riding her missionary, she fingers her own clitty all the way to orgasm, which is so hot to watch. But DS is my favourite with Lili, standing or kneeling, that ass wriggling and squirming against my stomach blows me away every time.

All in all, a great experience every time. Highly recommended to anyone who prefers a petite girl with a relaxed attitude. I will repeat....again!

Happy punting!
nice direct compacted review. much better than my long drawn out dribble. thank you! makes me wish i had a trip to tokyo in the near future..
I saw Lili of AM again today. Almost made 3 pops....again!...and I'm no spring chicken! Great girl, terrific sex, equally lively conversation. I highly recommend Lili and will be seeing her again again again very soon! Thanx Lili!:D
Thanks for the update mawjav. :)

I recently heard from one of the AM girls that business has been really slow. Some days, there are only 2-5 request for 25 or so girls. So I'm sure they appreciate the time you give them. Same goes for Nasty Dolls... which I guess means that's the case all around.

Not sure if the industry will turn around anytime soon.
I doubt AM ever has more than 5 or 6 girls on their schedule for any given day. Girls take holidays, have other jobs, have their periods, etc. There will certainly never be 25 girls on at one time. So, 5 punters a day for 5 girls will keep the business bubbling along, I hope!