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Lily In Nishi Funabashi


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Jan 17, 2014
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I know this is not Tokyo itself but many journey into Tokyo for lack of alternatives. After finishing work, l thought I'd have a wander around NF. North of the station in the streets leading up from the taxis is where the action is, but of course most aren't gaijin friendly.
So imagine my surprise when a dumpy woman in glasses waylaid me. Am I that desperate thought I? It turns out she's not the whore but the pimp and leads me a short distance up the stairs to a small and busy hrothel. 11500 including 1500 room rental. Not as GFE as Raku, but that may be down to the time of night. I had Lily, my first tattooed woman and she was a little mechanical. Dark nipples, lovely body, lots of fake moaning. Shower at the end, CBJ.FS.
I think wearing a suit helps with these places as did my minimal Japanese.
As to Funabashi itself, most don't admit foreigners. There are plenty of hostesses but no sex. Tried one place in an alley off the main road that has a chemists at the top. However it seems down to the women. Sunday there was a woman available, the next night I came back with sufficient money only to be given the crossed arms.
Hope you find this useful.
Thanks for the review. I don't get out into Chiba much, but NF is pretty close to IKEA and all.