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IND Magical Night with Mei


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Sep 20, 2016
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Service and/or Provider's Name:
Mei Agaki

Date of Encounter:
December 2019

Contact Method:

Appointment Length & Costs:
2 hrs $1,000

Regular Hotel

Language Notes:

Details of the Encounter:
This is my second time meeting Mei and the more I get to know her the more multi faceted she becomes. Starting with the obvious, Mei is an extremely beautiful Japanese girl. While I love women in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities, Mei is exactly my type. Gorgeous face, succulent ass, and petite. I had somewhat forgotten what she looked like given it's been a year since I saw her but when I opened the door to my hotel room I was blown away...again. Last time she had short hair that was lighter in color but this time her hair was dark brown and longer. She is so attractive that she can pull off either. I am also a fan of how Mei dresses. She dresses classy but with a little bit of flair and fun, which indicates her youth to me.

After our initial hug we got to talking about her travels and what shes been up to. I have a good memory and she was surprised I recalled certain aspects of her life. I know this sounds strange but I very much enjoy listening to women talk about their lives and stories. For me the P4P experience is not only about hooking up but also companionship for that brief time we have together and Mei is wonderful company.

Mei then suggested that we take a bath together and brought with her these bath bombs. It was my first time experiencing a bath bomb and while it was a simple gesture, I very much enjoyed it. It got us laughing and brought out Mei's unique sense of humor. Bath time was great with her back lying on my chest and me touching her body while we continued to talk. It was a true GFE experience that I've never had with a provider before.

After we cleaned up we enjoyed each other in more intimate ways. I'll spare the details but Mei very much satisfied me in every way possible. She was tender when I wanted and also naughty when the situation called for it. Watching her beautiful face as we hooked up is something I play over and over in my mind.

Afterwards we held each other and talked about random but important aspects of her life and my own. During our 2 hours together she showed me multiple sides of her personality (sexy, silly, vulnerability, playful, etc). She might possibly be the perfect woman.

Review Independence: Was this review requested by the provider?:
No, this review was written without a request.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, Will Repeat.

Closing Comments:
Mei is an extremely beautiful woman both inside and out. She not only fulfilled my desires in bed but satisified another part of me I wasnt expecting. She made me laugh and feel young and silly...something I havent felt in a long time and didnt even know I needed. I am lucky I dont live in Tokyo as I could easily see myself spending large portions of my comp on her and falling madly in love.
Thank you for submitting your review about Mei. Quite frankly, she deserves more attention but guys try and keep this woman a secret for some reason. Mei is indeed, magical.

Approved: 12/14/2019
Thank you very much
You also have a good sense of humour and I really enjoy it! It makes me happy when I hear you enjoyed our time ❤️ Hope to see you again soon!!
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