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AM Mai of AM: Review


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Jun 30, 2011
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New AM girl Mai is a winner. Don't expect cute and don't expect slim. Expect a great time!

She arrived early. Her face is ordinary, but I found her short-cut hair very sexy. Her English is good and her attitude great.

Once at the love hotel, we showered. She is a curvaceous girl, but her body is tight. No race queen belly, but a flat stomach flaring to broad hips and a plump but firm bottom. The highlights were her breasts and pussy.

In bed, I got down to work. She is clean-shaven below, and so smooth and tasty that I ate her out for most of the date! She lubed up quickly and I mounted for a hot MS. She has this technique with her tongue during intercourse. She lies below you, mouth open, tongue rigidly flicking yours as you hump her. With her short-cropped hair and open mouth, her firm, short thighs wrapping around me, I couldn't hold back.

Her tits are great, full, a little pendulous. She BBBJ'd me gently, with lots of hand motion, stroking me as she tongued me. Deliciously, I came into her mouth.

Up for more, I took her DS. She has a short back and full hips. She pushes against you until you can resist no more. Great sex from a great girl. Just goes to show that if the atmosphere is good, and her attitude right, an average looker can make your day worthwhile.

Attitude: 10; Breasts: 9; Pussy: 10; BBBJ: 9; Bottom: 8; Service: 9. I hope to repeat!

Happy punting!