Major Fuuzoku Adventure


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Mar 4, 2011
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Hello Everyone. I will be in Japan for a month and I will be going to
a lot of fuuzoku so I would like recommendations. I have several written
down. I would like cosplay places (OL, schoolgirl, etc), and I'm looking
for a gaijin friendly fuuzoku densha. Has anyone been to one? Is Misa,
the Tokyo Butterfly any good? Is it true she doesn't kiss? If that is true, I don't want to use her. I don't want anyone that doesn't kiss.

Soapland recommendations would be great too.
I guess we can assume you're talking about Tokyo?

For cosplay, we don't have any real information about those sorts of clubs. All I can tell you is that even with fluent Japanese, most of the time, if you don't look Japanese, they'll turn you away. It does not hurt to try, they are multitude of places around that do various sorts of costumes. Delivery Health is really popular for sending w/Costumes. (I've known people that tried some of the various lingerie pubs and some of the high school clubs, only to be refused even with decent Japanese skills.)

Fuuzoku Densha - If I understand that correctly, I don't know of one. If you can read Japanese, I'd suggest checking out the Fuuzoku review sites.

For Misa, can't recall if I've seen that posted else where about her no-kissing policy. I'll check on a few things above include Misa and post back here later.
Thank you for your reply and help.

Yes, it is Tokyo.

I did manage to find some cosplay places that won't refuse me.

Thank you. Misa charges a lot. Therefore, if she doesn't kiss, it is not worth the money.

I will continue my search for that "Fuuzoku Densha" if there is one. I will let everyone know about my experiences so they can enjoy the places too.