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    Service and/or Provider's Name:

    Date of Encounter:
    August 4 2018

    Contact Method:

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    45 min Lotion play for 14,000 yen


    Language Notes:

    Details of the Encounter:
    So to start off, I was disappointed with this trip, and as such don't really want to talk about it, but I'd like to give back to this site after reading so many reviews, and also I'd like to ask a question to the more experienced mongers on this site. I'm still a newbie at this stuff. See the question at the end of the review.

    I went to Osaka to see the new Mission Impossible movie ['twas good, but I think I like Ghost Protocol more], and decided this would be a good chance to try out one of the shops I've been researching. I initially wanted to try Tsumaten (older married women with good chance of FS) in Nihonbashi, but I was refused at the counter after the guy realized I wasn't Japanese [I'm asian]. He said Japanese only. Another user of this site got through with limited Japanese, so I guess I was unlucky?

    I didn't want to go home without trying a shop so I walked to Namba to try another shop I was eyeing - Rich Doll.

    The foyer is spacious and kinda classy looking, with nicely dressed gentlemen (there were 2 standing and 1 behind the counter) there to greet you as you enter.
    As I approached the counter, I was asked the same thing I was asked at Tsumaten - I'm not sure, but I'm guessing "Reservation?". I said no, and they gave me a card and directed me to the waiting room, which was also not bad looking. 2 flat screen TVs, one playing a porn, and the other some TV channel. I'm guessing more than 20 seats.

    After a little while, they called my number and asked which course I would like to choose, along with payment. At first, I thought I didn't have the cash to cover it, so I asked if I could use a credit card, and I believe they accept credit cards. But I think the clerk realized I wasn't Japanese, and confirmed it with me, after which he said "cash only". Maybe he thought I was visiting and didn't have a Japanese credit card? But does that make a big difference? Anyway, turns out I did have exactly the right amount, and only after payment was I led over to choose from the available girls.
    Also, they did not give me a membership card which I think is standard at these places (if they have one).
    I really wanted Ayase and she was there but after I chose her the guy asked about her (I couldn't follow the Japanese) they moved her to the upper rack which meant I would have to wait longer? And I didn't have that kind of time. So I went with Makoto. They gave me a new number and more waiting. After about 5 min I was called up, and by that time (a little after 5pm), the room had 5-6 guys waiting.

    Makoto was waiting in the elevator in a bikini swimsuit (as part of the summer promo they have going), and for the first time in my experience with these photo selection shops, I was not disappointed with the real life girl. She had some flab around the waist, but I would still say she had a pretty good body.

    Now I read in some Japanese reviews of this shop that the girls greet you in the elevator with a DFK, but this did not happen. The first disappointment of many. She just lightly put her arm around mine and started some chit chat.

    When we arrived in the room, it looked similar to what I remember from my Yoshiwara soapland experience. Darkly lit room with a tub, inflatable mat, and small bed.
    She undressed me, led me over to the straddling stool to wash me. The washing got me semi-hard but it was very standard. She asked me if it was my first time at this shop, and then asked if I could leave the service up to her. I said yes. I guess that was a mistake...

    After the wash, she told me to get in the tub, and she washed herself and prepared the mat. I feel like she took her sweet time with the preparation, and at this time I also thought "if she's preparing the she not going to join me in the tub?" She didn't.

    After the mat was prepared, she told me to get out and lie face down for the mat play. I chose mat play over bed play because I like the sensation of it. After a bit of that, she told me to turn over, and continued. She it a "legjob"? And also straddling me, so close to sumata except she was holding my dick with her hand. These didn't really work for me.
    At the end, she was just giving me a regular handjob, licking my nipples (unfortunately licking my nipples does absolutely nothing for me), but this was working, and as I grew closer to climax I was disappointed that she didn't even give me a BBBJ, so I said "uh, are you not gonna give me a BJ?", but I said it too late and I came.

    After that, standard clean up and goodbye.

    So, for 14,000 I got mat play, and a handjob. I was disappointed because this is not what is advertised. On the site, there are nice pictures that show you what you can expect at each level.
    At the 45m mat play level: Kissing, body wash, bj in bath, mat play, finish by sumata, and more kissing.

    Based on my experience, I cannot recommend this place, but I feel like I could give it another shot in the future. So there needs to be another selection: "Not recommended, May repeat" lol. If I could get the service that they advertise, that would be pretty nice. The price is not that expensive compared to other shops. And from their site, they seem to have a good selection of girls. That aren't shopped too heavily, if the others are like Makoto.

    So now, my questions to the experienced:
    Should I be more aggressive? Do you have to ask to get the things I didn't get, if the girl seems reluctant?

    I'm still new to this and pretty shy to boot so I'd much rather the girl take the lead and show me the service I paid for. But maybe that's rare for this type of service?

    Final Thoughts:
    Not Recommended.

    Closing Comments:
    Better luck next time, Darkglow.
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    Thanks for the review man. Always appreciate the Osaka reviews. Just to confirm what has been mentioned other reviews, the Nipponbashi branch of Tsumaten doesn't accept foreigners but the Umeda branch does so give it a try.

    Good luck with that and if you're after guaranteed FS, a trip to Tobita or Matsushima Shinchi won't disappoint!

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