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Dec 21, 2016
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Manami – A Night With The Best

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Overnight – 350,000 Yen

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June 2024

Outcall Love Hotel (Your Choice)

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English/Japanese Mix

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Honestly speaking, I have been seeing Manami for quite a few years now both inside and outside of Japan. Since maybe 2018 I think? Not as long as some of the regulars here who have known her since her agency days, but long enough I think 😅 . Till now, I hadn't thought of writing my own review for Manami since she is so well-established at this point. However, since this is my first overnight with a lady, I thought why not write a report to make up for all our dates so far? Though I suppose this will be more of a recount of the sequence of events, as well as commenting on the hotel and restaurant.

So, I planned to book an overnight this time during my latest trip to Japan, and since this would be my first ever overnight, why not go with the best where I'm almost certain nothing will go wrong? The general advice I heard is that one shouldn't book an overnight unless you know the lady well enough, since things will get awkward pretty fast if the chemistry isn't there and you are stuck with each other for the whole night. This wasn't something I had to worry about since we already know each other quite well, and even if it that wasn't the case, Manami is so great at with connecting with others that I doubt this will be an issue.

I reached out to her a few weeks before the planned date to make the arrangements and we agreed on the schedule and rate for the date. I believe Manami offers overnight dates for her regulars only, and what you plan to do and what it'll cost is something you will need to discuss with her and come to an agreement.

In preparation for the date, I booked an overnight stay at one of the Bali An love hotels, which is the Bali An Shinjuku Forest in Kabukicho. Personally, what I like about the Bali An chain is that their hotels have a relaxing spa resort vibe and they are very generous with the amenities. You can basically grab whatever you need and drink whatever that is available (including alcohol) at the lobby. The YouTube video below showcases the exact same hotel and room which I had booked, so you can check it out to have a better idea of how the hotel/room looks like as well as the stuff that is available:

Of course, if you have your own favorite hotel/restaurant, do go with it to make your lady feel special.

Fast-forward to the evening of the date, and me and Manami met up at the restaurant nearby which we had agreed on, which is the Chinese hotpot chain Haidilao (海底捞). The chain is pretty popular in Asia and the Chinese-speaking parts of the world, but till now it doesn't seem to be that well-known/established in Japan yet. Despite that, you wouldn't have guessed that from the packed crowd on a Thursday night, so it was great that we had made a reservation in advance. Only problem I had encountered was that I wasn't able to submit a reservation on the restaurant's website since I didn't have a Japanese phone number, so I had to ask Manami to help with that while we were discussing our plans.

Since we already had a reservation, we only had to wait about 5 minutes before we were shown to our table. Since this is a Chinese hotpot chain, most if not all the staff are Chinese, but it doesn't matter since I can speak Chinese and they can understand Japanese and English as well. The food we ordered arrived quickly and it tasted great. However, it seemed like that had only one "noodle guy" around that evening so it took a while for him to get to our table to do their "noodle dance" routine, which looks something like this:

Manami and I caught up over dinner and it was a blast to spend time with her once again. She is a natural conversationalist and there were no awkward moments, and I was glad that she found the restaurant pretty entertaining as she had never been there before. I also noticed that she had a very cute pair of piggy earrings on, but me being the blockhead that I am, I forgot to point it out until Manami brought it up later 😅. She explained that she thought it was funny and cute that the the earrings reminded her of the proverb 豚に真珠, which is basically the same saying as "pearls before swine".

Once dinner was done, we walked to the hotel which is about 10 minutes away, where we grabbed what we needed from the lobby and headed to the room. The sex was fantastic as usual, and Manami knows exactly when and how to take the lead where needed. After a couple of rounds, we went to the roof where the rotenburo was located (reservation required at the reception) to relax and wind down. After that, we returned to the room to sleep, and thankfully we had similar sleeping habits so we didn't get in the way of each other, which was something which could have been an issue.

When morning arrived and it was time to wake up, we freshened up and proceeded to have one more round before breakfast. I wanted to try the hotel's honey toast since I never had that before, so we called the reception to make the order and it arrived in a few minutes. We were pretty surprised to see that we had to "assemble" the toast ourselves, but it worked out fine since we could just eat it however we liked. While it was very delicious, it was still too much for both of us so we weren't able to finish it sadly (it was pretty much half a loaf of bread after all 😅).


After breakfast, we cleaned up one last time and I went down with Manami back to the lobby where we bid farewell with one last kiss. Till next time! 😘

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No, this review was written without a request from the provider.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, Will Repeat.

Closing Comments:
As one can tell from the reports on this site, Manami is easily one of the best (if not the best), and her ability to connect with others (even outside of sex) is just magical. She is someone that genuinely makes me feel special every time I see her.

As for her appearance, Manami looks just as good (if not better) than her pictures so that is not an area of concern. The only time you wouldn't be looking for someone like her, is if you are trying to find someone much younger, or are looking for a service (e.g. anal) which she doesn't provide.

To be honest, my own sexual health/performance isn't that great lately due to age, fatigue, stress, and whatever, so I didn't elaborate much on that. But even with my issues, Manami made it work to the best of her abilities. Of course, YMMV as usual but given how great and professional she is, more likely than not you will have an extremely enjoyable time with her.

Also, as others may have mentioned, the only word of caution I would give is that if this is your first time booking an escort, there's a chance that Manami might ruin your expectations for the other ladies you might book in the future, so you might want to keep this in mind 😅 .
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Thank you for your report!

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Thank you very much for a special night.
I alway enjoy our time just because you have been such a wonderful, nice gentleman.
I am very much looking forward to seeing you again , either here or there or somewhere else!