March 2011 Thread

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Sep 24, 2009
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March 1 - A new beginning?

I hope that all of you are well, February turned out to be a terrible month schedule wise.

Nothing big on the horizon for March except for work. Looks like 3/21 (Monday) is a holiday, so something to look forward to. :p

I'll be trying to come around here a little more often than I did last month.


Starting to get back to normal, at least in the central Tokyo area.

Getting home was horrid, glad I live close to where I work.

Hope everyone else is doing okay! None of my immediate friends were living further north, but some people in the office have family up there. Guess I'll find out how things are with them on Monday.

Any updates on the general situation and mood in Tokyo would be welcome. The media is, understandably, concentrating on the situation and events in Tohoku and saying little (that I have seen) about Tokyo.

I understand that the planned rolling blackouts were canceled for Monday in favor of asking people to conserve power voluntarily. I have had emails talking of food and fuel shortages, closed businesses and so forth, but it is not clear to me if this is happening widely or is isolated and mostly worries.

Basically I am wondering if the city seems to be moving back toward normal, even if far from it still, or if things seem to be further unwinding due to the strain on the infrastructure and people's psychology etc.

Btw, I flew back to the States 2 days before the event...

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