March - Morning Thread

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Sep 24, 2009
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March morning thread begins! (Better late than never!)

We're very busy at work, finishing up the financial year! :mad: Even lazy ass across the room is working hard these last few weeks. I'm so glad I don't have to pickup her mess this week.

Hope you guys are doing well! Long weekend coming up!!!!! :D

Good Morning Karen. Actually, it's about lunch time! We are very busy as well. My team is just making sure that production servers do not hang during the peak times during the day.

So far, so good. :)

Lunch time here now, good day to everyone.

Does anyone here live close to Hiro?
I'm in Ebisu, it's not too far from where I am.

Actually, I wanted to know something about the National Market there. Do you know much about it?
Morning all!

Kias - yes, there is a website you can look at and I think it's a great market to get some of the foreign grocery products. I think they have a great selection of American and European products!

They had a British festival there last weekend. :)

Afternoon Karen and others....

It's already Wednesday, this week has been going by fast. You guys got any plans for the upcoming holiday weekend? I think I'm just going to stay home and enjoy the time off...
Hey, I love this thread subscription update email thing!!! Just got the notice about the updated thread.

Karen, thanks for that information. How are the prices compared to Japanese products? I would imagine they are more expensive, but reasonable?
I just posted a new thread over in Everything Goes about the market. Their prices are higher than Japanese products, but still reasonable for imported products. I think it also depends on how far you have to travel to get there... for some people, it just may not be worth it.
Hi and I've never heard of this market? Has it been around a long time??

Morning all and yes, it's been around awhile. You are in Yokohama right? So I guess you may not have heard of it since you spend most of your time there.

Morning~ I finally went this market I was asking about. I'll post some notes in Karen's other thread.

I'm out at Nihonbashi today; feels like a different atmosphere from other parts of Tokyo. We're heading out to a pace in Yaesu for lunch.

Good day to all!
Morning all and yes, it's been around awhile. You are in Yokohama right? So I guess you may not have heard of it since you spend most of your time there.


Ah, well you have a point there. I have been looking for a few things. I'll take a trip north to take a look at this market. I hope they have what I'm looking for... :p
You Yokohama people stay in Yokohama! :p
You Yokohama people stay in Yokohama! :p

That sounded like a ZINGER to me!

Glad to see everyone! I was away from the internet world for awhile but I'll be in Tokyo next week, finally.

I've got a few rants to get off my chest, I'll post those over in the off-topic area. Hate my life somedays.... :rolleyes:
Not very nice Karen..... :confused: Do we stink or what? :rolleyes:

My last bf was from Yokohama and turned out to be a REAL ASSHOLE. So, naturally, I just avoid those people. :p

LUNCH TIME! idea what to eat though.....
Neither of you are getting much work done today, are you?


(neither am I, while reading your posts)
I got a large amount done this afternoon. Hopefully tomorrow will be a smooth day and I can coast into the holiday weekend with ease. :)

Have a good night everyone!

Morning from Oedo-sen! I'm on my way to Shinjuku to meet with some people at Microsoft Japan.

Happy Friday, I will check in later if I can.
Hiya Chris and good morning to the rest of ya! It's a wonderful Friday morning, I've got some Starbucks coffee, a bagel and very little work to do today. Life is good, for today!

Since payday is coming next week, I think I'll do some shopping this weekend. It's time to find some spring outfits and other accessories. :)

Have a good day! I'll be back again later.

Happy Monday holiday! It was quite nice sleeping in an extra day. Got caught up on some personal projects this weekend including some work on this site.

Karen, if you read this, reply to my text messages dammit!
Good Wednesday morning you LAZY ASSES! I was out of the office at some useless training, so I had an excuse, I'm sure you guys didn't.

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