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Jun 23, 2011
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Started when I came across a rather comprehensive list of abbreviations used in massage/esthe shop reviews, thought it might help some folks.
Now updating as I find new and interesting or fun terms.

・A: Anus/Anal

・BBA: Older lady (ババア)
・BK: Erection (勃起)
・B地区: Nipple - phonetically it's "chikubi" (乳首) rearranged

・CKB: Nipple (乳首)
・CNCN: Penis (ちんちん)

・DK: Deep Kiss (ディープキス)
・DT: Virgin/cherry boy (童貞)

・ED: Erectile Dysfunction
・ER: Erotic (エロ)

・F: Blowjob (フェラ)
・FBK: Hard-as-a-rock erection (フルボッキ)

・G: Condom (ゴム)
・GBK: Accidental "explosion" (誤爆)
・GF: Covered blowjob (ゴムフェラ)
・GK: Face sitting (顔面騎乗)
・GK: Accident (事故)

・HJ: Handjob (ハンドジョブ)
・HR: Home Run - full sex (ホームラン)

・JD: Female university student/coed (女子大生)

・KKO: An old guy with no money and poor health/hygiene (キモくて金のないオッサン)
・KN: Cunnilingus (クンニ)
・KP: Paper pants (紙パンツ)
・KWKW: pushing the limits (キワキワ)

・NB: No bra (ノーブラ)
・ND: Cumming inside (中出し)
・NK: Cumshot (ヌキ)
・NN: Cumming inside without a condom (生中出し)
・NS: Condomless (ノースキン)

・OP: Option (オプション)
・OPI: Boobies (おっぱい)
・OK2: Derriere (おけつ)

・P: Pants/panties (パンツ、パンティ)
・P: Penis (ペニス)
・PZ: Russian/tittyfucking (パイズリ)

・SKSK: See-through (透け透け)
・SKB: Groin area (鼠径部) or lewdness (助平)
・SMT: Sumata (素股)
・STD: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (性病)
・S着: With condom (スキン着用)

・T: Thong (Tバック)
・TKB: Nipple (see CKB)
・TKK: Handjob (手コキ)
・TMTM: Balls (タマタマ)
・TMN: Fingerblast (手マン)
・TO: Towel Open (タオルオープン)

・4281: On all fours (四つん這い)
・45: Masturbate (シコ)
・4545: Masturbate (シコシコ)
・4TB: On all fours '四つん這い)

・589: Accidental "explosion" (誤爆)

・69: The best number (シックスナイン)

・85: Sex (パコ)

・92: Cunnilingus (クンニ)

・時短(じたん): Getting shorted on time

・撫子店(なでしこてん): Therapists are all Japanese women

・ぬくもりホールド: Therapist sits on the soles of your feet

・本強(ほんきょう): Badgering for FS (don't do this)

・ペタマ: A not great massage that's basically applying oil and rubbing it around
・ヘビの生殺し: Teasing but leaving the job undone, blueballing. (leaving the snake in a half-dead state)

・マーメイド: Special technique where she uses her thigh to stimulate you

Update 20230721 - Added ヘビの生殺し
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Hmmm. Always thought NS was 生外 (Nama Soto) in contrast to NN 生中 (Nama Naka). But No Skin makes sense too.
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Hmmm. Always thought NS was 生外 (Nama Soto) in contrast to NN 生中 (Nama Naka). But No Skin makes sense too.
It definitely is in soapland jargon. This is the slang used in massage parlor reviews. Probably an oversight on the part of the original author - I literally just translated their Japanese comments.
Doesn't ヌキ refer to release by hand (or mouth) only and not by FS? I have always thought it comes from 抜く as pulling the juices out.
誤り mistake
爆発 explosion

:誤爆 accidental explosion

This is truly “bomb” :)
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