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Sep 24, 2009
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Happy May all!

Hope everyone is having a great Golden Week here in Japan! The weather has been great so far! We only have to work Thursday and Friday this week and then coast right into the next weekend. A lot of people from the office those two additional days off for a nice long vacation.

I'm going to be trotting around Tokyo tomorrow and Wednesday just to enjoy some things I don't normally get to do while working.

Hey Karen.

I did finally get my home internet repaired about three days ago. Today, I just returned from a short jaunt out to Shin-Fuji for a quick break from the concrete world of Tokyo. Not sure what I will be doing for the next few days though. I only have to work Friday this week, silly I know, right?

The lady neighbor and I are getting together again tonight since she elected to stay in Tokyo during the Golden Week period. We'll be in Ueno tonight and I'll probably catch the last train home late tonight. I've got so many little side-projects I have been working on, but I am not sure which one I want to spend time on before going back to work, lol.

Enjoy your days off, I'll catch up with you later. Cheers to the rest of you coming by.
Enjoy your time off. I don't get to celebrate the Japanese holidays. My office works on American Holidays only.
Enjoy your time off. I don't get to celebrate the Japanese holidays. My office works on American Holidays only.

Ok, that sucks! :(
I'm kind of wishing that I had taken Thursday and Friday off too, however I find myself getting a little bored so maybe it is a good idea that I return to work tomorrow. :) It has been a great break with great weather. According to the weather forecast through the weekend, it will likely be some messy weather coming up so a even better reason to go back to work tomorrow.

Now, what to plan for dinner....

Just returned from a day at Yoyogi & Shibuya with some friends. I'm heading back out for dinner with another friend and then wrapping up early for an early start tomorrow. Man, there were some good looking girls out today. I wanted to get this one girl's picture, but she got away before I could get a good shot. I'm not too fond of really short girls and this one was a little shorter than I would have normally liked, but the way she presented herself was just so tasty. :p

Also noticed the coolbiz advertising campaign posters popping up in stores. Saw one today that pictured a coolbiz poster next to a full suit designed, tie and all. How exactly is that coolbiz? That was at a place called "The Suit Company" - won't be shoppoing there. Coolbiz dressing starts soon at our office and will last through October, I think?

Last item of interest; was at a Cafe earlier today and there was an ambulance coming through going emergently somewhere. The vehicle got up to the intersection, cars were moving out of the way, it was making a ton of racket yet this woman talking on her cell phone still managed to step out into the crosswalk and almost got creamed by the ambulance. The driver was paying very close attention and avoided a disaster. The woman looked at the ambulance and realized what was going on and dashed back to the curb but still showing this 'wtf?' kind of face. Maybe she should have gotten hit to teach her a lessson about paying attention. Ah well, well played Darwin, well played sir.
Not sure how many of you drive in japan. But the people walking, riding bicycles and scooters have an invincibility complex here. I have had one scooter hit the side of my car. I was making a left turn and he came flying up the side of the road from behind and didn't see my signal. Lucky for me a cop was standing on the corner and witnessed the whole even.
Good Thursday Morning All! :)

@Chodi: No, I don't drive in Japan, yet. I don't even have my drivers' license here. I do have a bicycle and usually use the train system for daily transportation. I think that's incredibly lucky that the cop was there when that happened. I can only imagine the result if the situation had been any different.

This morning is going much slower than I'd like it to. Lunch very soon... maybe I'll a slightly longer lunch to speed things up.
Friday. Yay?

Can you believe that my office was almost entirely full? Almost every single person came in yesterday and today as well. I cannot believe no one took the opportunity of taking these two days off to extend the vacation period.

Anyhow, I'm back on a somewhat normal schedule now.
I'm late to the show as usual, it's been one hell of a day. I'm about to wrap up and head home for the day. It feels like a Tuesday to me, I feel like I have to come back to work tomorrow.

Of course, it's raining as expected. :( We're paying for the nice days we had this week.
Happy Monday all!

It's time to get back in the saddle after all of that vacation time! Stop being such ghosts!

I've been a ghost since people have been nagging me to do other things IRL. I'll be in the main office his week, no excursions scheduled until the end of the month.

Off topic for this thread, but did you hear/see the news about Ebi-chabn's secret wedding??? /disappointed :(
Did Bishop see that note about Ebi-chan?

I'm sure he's likely heart broken. Me too actually...

For today, I give you the rice farming bra!!! Karen will love this.


The model, she's quite hot. MmmHmmm!
LOL! Functional fashion? Bwahahahaha!!

The model is cute, I'll give you that. :p

Damn! I guess everyone has been busy with the nice weather outside! I certainly was this weekend, I didn't spend anytime at home! :)

Hope you guys are having a good Monday!!!!

Finally I can post again!

WTF was going on?
I'm afraid, Karen, someone does not like us very much. :(

The last remaining problems are being fixed and things should be back to normal.

I can post too. I couldn't login for a few days at all.

My profile page is fixed as well, it's no longer a blank page.
Good timing! I just returned to the states after two long business trips, got some things to post that have been in a holding pattern for awhile.

Thanks again for all of the tips and information!
Well! That was fun.

I was one of the unlucky few who couldn't even login. I could read, but I couldn't post.

Thanks for getting things figured out > Eliah.
May is almost over, can't believe that 2010 is almost half-way over already. When I was a teenager, I couldn't wait to be 'older' and wanted time to hurry up! Now, time moves too fast and I want it to slow down!

As of next month, I'll have one year left in Japan unless they decide to keep me around longer. I may be ready to go home in a year, it depends on the bf and the job I guess. I know of eight people that are leaving Japan within the next year. The market is changing here which is pushing some people out of the country whether or not it will be to another foreign country or their home country, who knows.

Hope everyone is having a nice Thursday, one more day to go for the week! :)

I'm sure you will stay in Japan for more than another year, Karen. I know you are addicted to shopping and other girly stuff you cannot find elsewhere in the world. If you spoke more fluent Japanese, you would be even happier! (hint, hint)

I've got a short business trip next week, not sure if I'm looking forward to that or not. It's domestic travel, not terribly thrilling I know.
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