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    Date/Time: September 2014.
    Provider: Miku (maybe)
    Contact Info:
    Type/Location: Deliheru – LH Fantasy, Sendai

    Language Specifics: I am fluent in Japanese. All conversation took place in Japanese.
    Session Length/Fee: 80 min (¥21,000) - ¥2,500 LH for 2 h
    Physical Description: Maybe this even was a case of bait and switch. Measurements on the profile page are completely different. B-size breasts instead of D, and her hips were quite fat. She told me she was 24, but the page say she is 19. Her face is whited out, but actually, very cute. Nice eyes, nice smile, nice mouth and teeth. Shaved pussy.

    Details: The whole 80 minutes were kind of professional care. Not much of a GFE. She wanted to hop in the shower immediately, but I convinced her of a bit of kissing and fondling. She then started to undress herself and made no attempt to undress me. That was kind of a turn-down. Sendai customers seem not to be in a foreplay mood. Not so much kissing and fondling during and after shower. BBBJ on the bed (she was kneeling in front of the bed, was very nice sight). Her technique was great. She uses her tongue a lot. When I asked her, she made eye-contact with me, which I like very much. I asked what she was good at and she said Sumata (again, no FS). Riding sumata and missionary sumata was not her best, so after a very quick shower to wash off the gel, I opted for CIM. She treated the rim of my cock very nicely with her tongue in a 69, and I came with a huge load after she switched again to kneel between my legs. Cleanup and dressing was very professional again.

    Summary: 5/10 points, but only because of BBBJ and CIM.

    Summary of my Sendai encounters: both girls at two different providers were at most average. It seems Sendai providers rely on one-time customers from the big city (Tokyo) and do not treat their customers as well as they could. I think I will stick with the ones I know in Tokyo in the future.

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