Midlife crists escape?


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Jul 19, 2011
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Dear all, I just created a profile. I am a long-term resident of Japan and I am looking for some new excitement.
Reasons are multiple.
1. I ended a long term relationship a few years ago.
2. I am not shy and can make friends (gfs, lovers, etc) easily, but it seems as I get older, the ladies who want to hang out with me are getting older, too. This is nothing bad, per se, but the younger ones are too reluctant to hang out with me. Am I becoming boring?
3. I am busy at work and don't have time to develop relationships anymore.

That is why I am looking ( for the first time in my life), for a 'compensated' relation. Furthermore, it should be with younger ladies (18-24). Escort systems are in place and I am studying how to use them.

I would appreciate any tips.
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Tip #1 - Go for well reviewed ones.

Any site that charges you more than 40,000 yen for about 2 hours is a rip-off. I'm referring to sites that post fake pics and change 50-70,000 yen at a minimum for an hour or two.

You can easily find a younger girl who's willing to be with you if you buy her things. Not sure how fluid your cash is, but that certainly is an option if you don't mind parting with some cash. If you just want the phyiscal aspect, then go with a regular service.

Others will toss their advice in as we go along. :)

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To your point #2 in non P4P situations, you're probably not getting more boring in any absolute sense. But how old are you? Do you keep up with late teen / early 20-something culture? A low-end of 18 years old is pretty damn young for "companionship". In my experience, nothing forces up the age of women who find you approachable than an expectation that you have something to talk about.

If you're looking for paid companionship and have the ¥ to drop, one of the educated independents or a SA girl is probably a good bet.
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