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Mii At Darling Harbor


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Nov 15, 2013
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Hmm, so today I went to Darling Harbour for the second time. I was handed a slip of paper in English asking where I heard about the place, this site was one of the options. Interesting...

Had Mii, who to be fair isn't as attractive on her photos as she is in real life, unlike Momo who was somehow even better looking. But the longer I spent with her the more attractive she became...and also unlike Momo who, as incredibly hot as she is, had a simply cavernous vagina, Mii almost hurt for me to get inside.
I created a new thread for this per the policy of new threads for new reviews. Thanks for the review.
My initiation into Yoshiwara was handled by Mii.

I second the previous reviewer's claims regarding Mii.

To add to that:

She was recommended to me by The Man, as "matplay - good technichian."

Her pictures made her look like a storky will-o-the-wisp; not my style.

But who am I to argue with The Man?

So I was pleasantly surprised that she looked nothing at all like the suggestive shots that were supposed to be her.

She has very pretty eyes, too.

I mean, I don't want to be crass, and say "woman big, vag tiny." So I won't.

She was charming- but then I started to worry that she was talking too much. (I speak Japanese.)

And then I noticed that it didn't bother me that she was talking.

Because she had so much to do!

Towels and soap and gargling and toothbrushing and the mat placement and the obligatory bucket-o-lube preparation.

At first I thought she was kind of simple, with her dorky laugh, and all.

But then I realized that she was working a side agenda; getting me to check her English, and teach her a little more.

As a veteran of the Eikaiwa mines, I noticed what she was doing, and give her respect for it, since she did it well.

Isn't she a "man-to-man" Gaba teacher, after all? She was getting something for herself out of our time.

I think that Mii used conversation very intelligently: to beguile the time during her preparation, as well as to get a little something to take home for herself.

I obliged her, and taught her "Oops," and "Oopsi-daisy." (We had a slight mishap, and I told her the word would come in handy.)

Of course her mat work was very nice.

I read recently, in some bawdy tale (we gotta bring this phrase back, like Vader in Robot Chicken going, "That was `Wizard!` I'm bringing it back!")

Anyway- some bawdy tale- the guy says something like, "You gotta get the first fuck out of the way."


Mii-chan just seems like she's going to get better with every fuck.

For me, anyway.

She's my kind of people.


(As an aside, if you speak no Japanese, I'll bet Mii-chan would love to see you. Tell me if she uses Oops or Oopsi-daisy, too. She's a hoot!)