Darling Harbour (SL) Miichan at DH

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    Another overdue review, bruvs. Just wanted to share a bit about my first soapgirl, who by the looks of things is still on the rolls there at DH.

    First I would like to say about DH, it's a fine place, but I don't think it's quite worth the reputation as higher than budget soapland, mates. The rooms are not that nice, the girls are fine but I think if you are a dandy jet set lad who wants a taste of Tokyo, try Putit Royal like the more experienced brothers here have said.

    But if you do visit, give Mii a roll. She met me in a simple summer yukata. She's got a real girl next door feel to her. She's got an honest grin that shows her one out of place tooth. We chatted very briefly as she folded my clothes. Then she opened her yukata with a funny look like "oops!"

    Her body is not model or pornstar quality. She is sturdy and voluptuous. Like a mother bear. She's got a bit of softness around her waist and nice breasts. Her skin is a bit dark in summer.

    We went through a classic 90 minute course starting with a wash, a little testing of my johnny thick, a little fondling in the tub, followed by a fantastic bbj. Then something which I have come to enjoy, watching the girl put the mat down and mix the lube. She was breathing a little heavily, looking forward to it.

    Lass's mat technique was excellent. A grade shiney, fam. I think a girl with this sort of solid, mildly curvy body type is best for mat play. She managed to rub every surface of my body with every surface of hers, and I think her nipples touched my everywhere. She rolled me over and slipped a raincoat on my knob with her mouth and slid onto me, and bruvs I did not last long.

    Back into the tub, then we ordered drinks and talked. She talked about her pet dog, which is something I read about her on these storied pages by another reviewer, so it is part of her script.

    With ten minutes left on the clock, she rolled me over and somehow managed to get my cockney wick interested in another go! Mates this is rare, as I am no strapping lad. She slipped another raincoat, used two fingers to open her curtains and rode cowgirl style. Athletic, powerful. Made some beautiful sounds and really seemed to enjoy it.

    Hugs and kisses and a huge grin on my face as I skipped down the apples and pears.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, May Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    If you find yourself with a girl who is bigger than you thought you wanted, my son, relax and go with it.
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    She was my second soap girl. Back in 2013 lol.
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