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Miki of AM: Another Review


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Jun 30, 2011
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I also met Miki for the first time during her recent visit to Tokyo (September 2012). Having read the largely positive (occasionally rave) reviews here on TAG, I decided to take the opportunity to meet this Osaka-based AM escort.

She arrived on time and we walked to the love hotel. Her English is minimal, though as the date progressed her English 'conversation' skills developed a little, from the odd word to basic sentences. My Japanese isn't too bad, and we were able to joke and chat about this and that.

Once in the room, with business out of the way, she played for time a while, but I eventually undressed and got the shower running to indicate that I had paid for the time. She joined me and I got my first look at her body.

She is a good-looking woman, with an attractive face and full mouth. We kissed in the shower, and she started to warm up. DFK with lots of tongue warmed me up too! But shower play was minimal and washing somewhat scripted.

We retired to bed. I enjoyed long DATY. Her pussy is completely shaven and very sensitive. She was wet in minutes and I mounted MS. She has a sumptuous body, with perfect skin, curves and fleshy thighs. My first pop was quick and intense.

We smoked, and resumed. I had her sit on the side of the bed and blow me. Her BBBJ technique is excellent; a varied, rich experience, soft and slow, hard and quick.

Her breasts are, as other posters have mentioned, enhanced. I don't usually like enhanced breasts, but Miki's are perfect. Her nipples are large and very sensitive. When I started rubbing my dick against her nipples she looked up at me lustfully, moaning softly, mouth open, eyes wide. I shot my second load there and then across her breasts and neck. It was all worth it for that look!

We finished with a long slow DS. She is a little chunky, though not fat, and with me clinging to her narrow waste or gripping her swinging breasts, and she gyrating her peach-of-an-ass into my belly, my third pop soon followed.

That's a good measure for me. If a new girl can bring me off three times, she's a winner in my book. And with no initial shower pop (as I often like, just to get it out of the way, enabling me to then get down to some serious loving) that was three times in 90 minutes. Good job, Miki.

Attitude: 8/10. There was a little initial time-wasting, but she made up for this with a positive approach once we got going.

Service: 9/10. Though she did not lead and required guiding, she provided everything I required once lead. No CIM, but I didn't ask for it so I can't vouch for whether or not she provides.

Face: 8/10. A looker, by all means, with long hair and chiselled cheekbones complementing her full, kissable mouth.

Body: 7/10. A little chunkier than I expected, but by no means fat. Great pussy and good enhancements to her breasts.

GFE: 7/10. Not exactly GFE, more womanly than girlfriend-like. A sumptuous, sultry experience.

Overall, a good 8/10. I may repeat, should Miki 1) visit Tokyo in the future, and 2) AM doesn't recruit any new, petite winners in the interim. But she isn't on my 'A' list.

Happy punting!
I saw her about 5 years ago when she first started. At that time she was far from chunky and didn't have enhanced breasts. She went out of her way to swallow which I viewed as a major plus.
Thanks as always Mawjav, really appreciate the time you put into writing these reviews.