Miki Of Am: Queen Of Cool


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Jul 29, 2011
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I've been meaning to write another review for Miki for some time, but one thing or another keeps getting in the way, so this is far overdue. I've written a few reviews for Miki in the past, but I haven't seen any for her recently, and I thought people might like to know that she is still tops. So, if that's *all* you want to know, you can quit reading and get on with making your appt :) but if you want to know more, read on.

I think Miki is the queen of cool. She just has this air about her. She is very stylish, and in my many meetings with her, only once was she casually and unremarkably dressed (it was really hot and humid out, and who can blame her?). But generally, whatever you see the trendiest models wearing, they'll have nothing on Miki. And with her figure, she definitely has something on many of them :)

Last time I met her, we were planning on a love hotel, so I was to meet her just outside of the subway exit. When I topped the stairs, she was leaning back against a building, one foot raised and braced against the wall, scanning something on her smartphone. It was reminiscent of the classic movie bad-girl pose. She was wearing ankle-high lace-up boots, patterned hose, short shorts, a dark form-fitting top, and a red and black checked flannel shirt, unbuttoned, but closed at the waist. So cool!

Her hair was very cool, too. She's gone through several hairstyles since I first met her. In the beginning, she had long, thick hair with some subtle natural curl. I am definitely partial to this look, so the first time I saw her, I was quite taken with her. So sexy! About a year ago, she went to a shorter style, and while I mourned the loss of her long, sexy tresses, I still liked her new look.

When I saw her this time, she had gone to an even shorter style, something reminiscent of an 80's "skater" cut. I never much liked that cut before, but on Miki, it looked really good. She had a blond streak in the bangs that really set off the style. She looked like a fashion model standing there, and I felt really fortunate that I had booked a long session with her. Such a hot girl!

After exchanging pleasantries, we set off for the LH, a short walk away. We chit-chatted a little, but Miki rarely uses English with me, and I am nowhere near fluent in Japanese, so I didn't say much. When we got to the room, I produced a bottle of wine, and a small gift: a short, silky black nighty with interesting blue trim about the bust. It was from Takashimaya, really *really* nice. I've done this once before, and Miki so thrilled me the first time that I just had to try it again. Never one to disappoint, she is *so* sexy in sleepwear, and like most girls, she likes to receive a nice gift from time to time, so maybe I got a little extra special treatment as a reward for my effort :)

We had another long, amazing session, and I won't give a blow-by-blow description, but there was one thing that bears mentioning. Miki loves to receive oral, and she has a seemingly endless supply of the sweetest vaginal juice! We took a short break after we'd been going at it for quite some time when she suddenly reached down, touched the sheets, and exclaimed, "eh?! Nani!".

She was feeling the nighty where it contacted her bottom, and then the sheets, and then I saw it: a *big* wet spot, maybe 40cm in diameter. The bed was drenched! We both started laughing, and it was one of those moments of almost child-like abandon. We giggled and laughed for a long time before putting a towel down and picking up where we left off. For some time afterward, our romp was periodically punctuated with a new round of giggling. Such fun! I will never forget the little things like this that I've shared with Miki. She's awesome!

So almost two years and I don't know how many sessions later, Miki remains at the top of my list. She's warm, affectionate, enthusiastic, fun, and soooo sexy! Still highly recommended.
I saw her many years ago (2007 or 2008) and had a very good experience. Nice to hear that she hasn't become jaded.