Milky Baby: Teatime with Yuuko


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Jun 30, 2011
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Milky Baby: Teatime with Yuuko

Service Name:
Breast milk course

Provider Name:
Milky Baby

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Appointment Length & Costs:
49,000¥, 2-hours + costume (+3,900 for love hotel)

Booking Method:
Other Website (Cityheaven, etc.)

Date of Encounter:
October 2023

Outcall Love Hotel (Provider Choice)

Language Notes:
English/Japanese Mix

Narrative of the Encounter:
I recently enjoyed my second visit to Milky Baby. The booking process was much smoother. On my first booking, I was asked for my passport and I was given a registration card / number. This time, I was not asked for my passport or registration card because I had included the number on the online reservation form.

I booked Yuuko for the 2-hours breast milk course. She was waiting in the back room and appeared after I had paid. I was immediately impressed by her cute face, curvy figure, and friendly personality. As we walked to the love hotel (Clio), she chatted with me in English. Her English is quite good and we only used our translator apps a few times during the date. She is a very intelligent young woman, who can talk on a variety of topics in an easy-going manner.

Once we had checked in, we chatted a little before showering together. Yuuko has a sumptuous body, with curves in all the right places. Her breasts are full and slightly pendulous, with large areolae and nipples.

She looked great in a school girl costume and with pigtails! We did a fun role play and things flowed from there. She's a good kisser, with lots of tongue, and very responsive to what is wanted and needed. Her BBBJ was excellent. Suckling her breasts from below was a joy. She produced sufficient breast milk to keep me satisfied, and gave me a lesson in how to squirt her milk by expanding her areolae before squeezing her breasts.


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No, this review was written without a request from the service or their provider.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, Will Repeat.

Closing Comments:
All in all, meeting Yuuko was a great experience. I can only echo what others have posted here. I may repeat with Yuuko, but I'll definitely repeat with Milky Baby. To enjoy another “Earl Grey, steamy, with a squirt of breast milk”.
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Approved: 11/7/2023
Just to let you know, she's also a JAV star under the name Shiho Kiritani
oh I saw from a previous review/post. Hell she was my own personal JAV via my phone for those 2 hours lol. Only wish I did more i got caught up in the moment and didnt do the other things that are included in the service.
I knew her when she was working in Pururungang almost 10 years ago as Umi. Really great girl and one of the best doggies of my life.
I knew her when she was working in Pururungang almost 10 years ago as Umi. Really great girl and one of the best doggies of my life.
when you say doggy did you do it via AF? Tried that with her and she wouldnt let me lmao
At the time she charged ¥10,000 for covered FS. Worth it for me. And she enjoyed it herself.