Minami Of Happy Berry


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Sep 25, 2013
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I met Minami of Happy Berry the other day. She is a very bubbly, funny and warm lady. Large breasts.
She has a very pretty face. She has cut her hair down there but is not shaved. I like some hair. I prefer it over clean shaven. As long as it isn`t like going into the deep dark jungle of the Congo and never getting out again. I hate that when I meet Livingston! "Livingston I presume!"

I did my usual thing of leaving a condom on the bed. It is a good sign if the lady ignores it, gets undressed and lies back (as if to say) go ahead, make my day!

Minami did not do this. What she did was fun anyway. But FS was not on the menu....sigh.

She loves to talk. So you need decent Japanese. Mine is not great, but I seemed to pass the test.
She was chatting away until I took off her towel to suck on her lovely breast and kiss her flat tummy.

She is short and a little wide. She has some extra meat on her bones. Her face as mentioned is very pretty.

I do like slimmer girls in general though. So not really my body type but nice for a change.

I really liked her personality.

I like FS though. As mentioned other times sumata just doesn`t do it for me. Plus lately my new policy is CBJ, and covered sumata, which of course is not as fun. Actually covered sumata sucks in my opinion.

Uncovered is heavenly, but it is five minutes of pleasure then weeks of worry for me. Not a good trade off.

(I find too, that at my age, it hurts to pee often enough. Not a big deal. If your prostate is enlarged apparently it can hurt to pee. Again not a big deal, but it makes it difficult to know if you need to see the doctor, or it is just your usual, slight burn when you pee because you are over 50.)

I really want to find the ladies at Happy Berry that offer FS. Or offer it after repeating once or twice.

If you like some curves, a little meat on your women, are a breast guy, like a fun, funny lady, who is warm and sassy, I recommend Minami. I really liked her personality.

Her current photos don`t do justice to her pretty face either. But they make her body look a little slimmer and taller than I felt it is.

I would only repeat if I knew FS would be on the menu next time.

When she saw the condom she asked what`s this? I joked it was a condom. She said we don`t need that
this time. Yet she had a whole bunch in her bag. So epiphany--maybe that means if you repeat you get to enter paradise? Maybe some of you who have met her know the answer.....I will wait for your replies.


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Jul 30, 2012
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When I look her her proportions in relation to her height, I could see she does have some "extra meat."

But thanks for your review.