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    Title: Strange Times with Mion

    Date: June 2014
    Provider: Mion

    Contact: pururungang.com
    Type/Location: Hotel Health on the 2nd floor of a sexual services provider building next to a pet shop at the north exit of Ikebukuro station
    Language: I say a higher level of Japanese is needed her compared to 5a heads. I say at minimum a high level 3 to a low level 2 on the JLPT will be useful. I have lived in Japan on 3 occasions and I have lived here for five years so my Japanese is great for these guys. Plus, it is up to the girls that will take foreign customers. They are very relieved if you speak Japanese.

    Plus, I think they prefer foreign customers of Asian decent. Most of the foreign customers are Chinese.

    Session Length/Fee: 13000 for 50 minutes, 5000 for swallowing, 2000+ on hotel

    Depending on your member card you don't have to pay the 2,000 selection fee.

    .If it is your first time there, if you have a smartphone,show their home page that says they waiver their 2,000 yen membership registration fee.

    Also, depending on the time hotels can range from 2,000 t0 3,000 yen.

    Physical Description:
    if you match her measurements and her height don't expect the typical Japanese girl. She was the only girl available to service foreign customers. But she has a face like Megumi Kei and her body is like Fuuko. Heavy but has the sexy kind. She has soft skin and very light.

    Details: I just showed up without a reservation since U need to use up my parts of my membership card that waivers the 2000 yen selection fee. A lot of girls were either on the job or not available to service foreign customers. I was stuck with Mion. They told me this was her first experience with a foreign customer and not to do anything to freak her out or make her feel uneasy. They told me they made it clear to her that I speak good Japanese.

    Went to the hotel, called them and told them my room number and I waited. 15 min later she showed up with a happy look on her face. If she lost 10 pounds she'd look great.

    She said this is her first time with a foreigner and she told me she is interested in them. She also told me this was going to be the first time in her life that she will swallow. Guess I was a first for her in more was than one. We got to the shower and I say her face got me up. She really liked feeling me all over and since I take good care of myself, she asked me a lot of tips on dieting because she admits my frame intimidated her in some ways. I told her I have been into martial arts since I was 7 and still active. But due to a bad knee I mostly power lift. I just told her to drink a lot of water and if she wants to exercise it is about how much calories you consume and burn.

    Told her she could also do some walking, light sit ups and so on on her free time.

    After that she just started kissing all over my cheeks and we just made our in the shower. She is great with her hands. She makes up her physical qualities with her curiosity, kindness and skills.

    The she looked down on me and said how big I was. The crazy thing is, she said she wanted to take some pictures of my cock. I thought it was hilarious and I figured what the hell. She took like 4 pics. Front, back and two from the side.

    Then we started on each other. Some making out, nibbling down her neck as she licked my ear, sucked on her tits, and she started stroking me. It made me go wild. Then she started nibbling down on me and went for my cock.

    She knew I requested swallowing so she got to work. She knows how to use her tongue excellently well. It felt great. She was really cute so I couldn't help but play with her hair, head and face. I came relatively quickly and had my hand at the back of her head to make sure she took it all. Then when I was done, she looked up, took my cock out of her mouth and opened it up to show me she took all if it. She told me my semen didn't have that bitter taste.

    Then we rested up a bit and cuddled. We still had time and she noticed I was still hard. She said she wanted to know what my penis felt like. So she got those 0.01cm condoms and just gave me FS just like that. Because of lack of confidence in her figure she says she only does it doggy style and that works with me. We got right to it and it was really great. Of course I had to imagine it was Umi I was fucking or one of those ladies with nice asses to really give it my all and she loved it. She wasn't too loose or too tight. She really enjoyed it. And then I withdrew and came all over her back. She told me she enjoyed my company even though she felt uneasy being with a foreigner at first but she says she had a great time.

    Recommendation: I know for some guys here she could be your type. I personally don't want to repeat unless she is my only option available. If you are a fitness dude, I am sure once she is comfortable, she will ask for dieting tips and may want you to put your arms around her. But she does like foreign guys
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