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Jun 30, 2011
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I took the plunge with Misato recently and I wasn't disappointed.

She arrived early and proffered nervous greetings. Her English is fine and we chatted amiably as we walked to the hotel. A friend of hers had recommended AM as being a good job, but she was understandably nervous about doing everything right on her first booking. I reassured her that everything would be cool and relaxed.

She is quite nice looking, not super-cute, but womanly and quite curvaceous. We checked in and showered. Misato has great breasts, very full and firm. She has a narrow waste and full hips, with a nicely trimmed bush. Her thighs are full and soft, her bottom round and quite firm.

By the time we made the bed, I was well up for the encounter. But I noted her continued nervousness and so decided to relax her further by bringing her to orgasm first. After some serious DFK, which she is very good at, using her full, soft lips and tongue to hot effect, I went down on her and performed DATY to completion. She was very wet throughout our time together, and made all the right noises as she climaxed.

Relaxed now, she BBBJ'd me. Her technique is excellent and it was difficult to resist. But I wanted to take her, so I slipped on a condom, laid her on her back, and mounted. She took me urgently, thrusting up to meet me. I eased in deeper, her legs first splayed, then over my shoulders. She is a noisy girl, grunting and groaning and enthusiastically bucking. It didn't take long.

After a smoke and a chat, we resumed. Misato was relaxed now and I took her DS for 15 minutes of sweaty sex. She loved it, arching her back and grinding her taut ass against my stomach until I popped again, gripping her firm, swinging breasts.

I couldn't manage a third, even after more delicious DFK and BBBJ. But I was a happy punter and Misato a happy escort. I said that I hoped she'd stay with AM because I would definitely like to book her again. She confirmed that she was happy she had followed her friend's advice and joined the agency.

Attitude, 9/10: enthusiastic, positive, fun, a nice girl. Service, 9/10: no complaints, good BBBJ and DFK, steamy coitus. Face, 7/10: pretty, without being overly cute. Breasts, 9/10: very firm, full, and fun. Pussy, 8/10: sensitive, easy to arouse, a little too hairy for my tastes, but tight and hungry. Legs, 7/10: a little plump-thighed, but that's no bad thing. Skin, 7/10: some blemishes on her back, but generally fine. Overall Misato scores a solid 8/10.

I may well repeat.

Happy punting!
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It i very difficult to get an appointment and experience Misato. I find it frustrating when you could book a girl before and now they only see "steady" clients. What does that really mean? Anybody?
It i very difficult to get an appointment and experience Misato. I find it frustrating when you could book a girl before and now they only see "steady" clients. What does that really mean? Anybody?

This is a pandora's box.

It's been fairly well known that some of the AM girls won't see certain clients based on race or where they meet.

What I don't understand, if they only see steady or otherwise known as 'repeating' clients, how do they expect to get new clients if the repeating clients stop coming. I mean, some guys get tried of the same girl time after time and therefore will jump to a different girl or other agency altogether.

I can understand if a girl has a bad experience with a client that she'll reject that particular client, but rejecting new clients altogether, that's kind of silly. If a client has a good reputation among the agency, I dont' see why they shouldn't have a choice of the girls.

As far as race is concerned, I know for a fact that some girls will flat out reject black folks as wll as folks from India. This is true with not only AM, but other shops as well. I've even heard of cases where some girls refuse to see other Asian men. (Please don't turn this into a race argument, it's simply what's happened in the past) People from India tend to try and bargain or negoiate, which is problematic when the rate is fixed and not adjustable. Indian-Americans don't usually try to bargain but they still get rejected because of past events.

To the OP, thanks for the updated review, we do appreciate it!