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Discussion in 'Independent Japan Escort Reviews' started by ozjjj, Jun 17, 2017.

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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Carla Suarez

    Date of Encounter:
    17 June 2017

    Contact Method:

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    4 hours dinner date; 120,000 yen plus meal costs

    My home

    Language Notes:
    Fluent English, with a very sexy Spanish accent

    Details of the Encounter:
    I saw Carla's ad on TAG about her trip to Tokyo and I was intrigued. She sounded like a great, upscale lady who might be fun to meet, so I set up a date with her well in advance. Almost too far in advance, because the waiting was painful!

    I arranged a longer date, including dinner at my favourite Japanese restaurant, so we could have time to get to know each other first. Finally our date night arrived, and I met her outside the restaurant. She was punctual - actually a little early - and dressed in a simple but sexy black dress. Carla is quite stunning - petite, with a beautiful face, gorgeous smile and a slim yet curvy figure. Over dinner, she was quite charming and very easy to talk to - refreshingly open about almost any topic. Our easy conversation certainly helped make the later transition to other activities much easier as well.

    After dinner, we retired to my apartment, where things quickly became very intimate. I would not say Carla is aggressive, but she is certainly not shy, and helped ease any nervousness I felt by taking the initiative to kiss me and start the disrobing process! Without going into too much detail, I would just say that Carla is a very giving lover, and very responsive in bed. And her kisses are to die for! She ranks very highly among my escort experiences. I will certainly repeat if ever our paths cross again.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    A memorable experience with a high class lady. Carla is only here for a short while longer, so I highly recommend you catch her while you can. Or else, buy a ticket to Spain and see her in Madrid!
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    Thanks @ozjjj for your nice review, this little lioness woke up this morning with the BSO "Suddenly I See" playing in her head and with the taste of sweet apricots (albaricoques for the Spanish readers) still in her naughty tongue.

    Was a pleasure to sharing with you that delicious meal and being your muse for the evening. Unforgettable views from your balcony that will remain on my memory for long time.

    Big thank you for such a special night :shy:
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