Miss Platinum Escorts (Tokyo)


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Sep 11, 2009
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There was an offline query about why we don't list this agency on our verified list. The answer is simple really, the service is a fraud. You may get a girl to come see you, but it won't be the ones you see pictured on their site.


We recommend avoiding this site and other sites that appear to a partner for it. We did a number of tests on some other sites that link to Miss Platnium but found that it all goes to the same place.

The prices are also ridiculous for what you actually get. There are many reports around the internet about this agency, even though they heavily advertise and appear to be a legit service, you'd get a better service from one of our verified agencies.

If you have any personal experiences with this agency or any agency that does not provide what they advertise, please let us know and we will file it in our avoid category. There will be a follow-up thread of agencies to avoid sometime this week.
i feel sorry for those that were suckered into this agency. there's another, alla escorts maybe? have to go google that one to know for sure. that one should on the plague list for sure.