mobile phones - Aussie phone in Japan?


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Jan 29, 2013
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My Telstra (Australia) Smart phone (android) handles WDCMA, 2G and 3G. I only have a prepaid plan and would only use the phone for texting back home - $0.65Aust per text according to Telstra site.

Does anybody know from experience if I'd be able to use/have problems using my phone in Japan ( major cities only).?

If there's no service from that provider/plan in Japan, and the phone isn't unlocked, it's not going to work in Japan.
Check this page:

According to your information, you can use 3G with the associated costs that are shown on that page. You can also check your specific device's compatibility from that page.

thanks Chris - missed that page - still not sure re my handset - ita a ZTE 22 marketed by Telstra as an "Urbane".

Will have to (try) to get an answer from them
Found that phone will work in Japan - once it is unlocked from Telstra - probably cheaper to get a low-cost unlocked phone. Found info on TravelSim site where they list handsets known to work in listed countries.