Model for photoshoot wanted in Tokyo 07/26-08/03

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    Hi guys,
    greetings from Vienna,I have a rather special request:
    I am a photographer , based in Vienna and Paris and will come to Tokyo between July 26 and August 03. I started a project " women at home - nude" and I would continue in Japan.
    The posing is nude, non- erotic, ideally at the models living place ( or a friend's) , lasts about 2 hours. I could pay 20000 Yen with a release signed.
    Also, if you have any acquaintances interested in this project I would be happy!
    This could also be an opportunity for someone with a japanese wife/gf to get nice pictures. The shooting could then also be extended in another direction, still photographic. Ask me for sample pictures. Experience is not necessary.
    The most important points are: I pay immediately,Release must be signed, shooting at a private place of your choice ( I prefere your place), feeling comfortable in front of camera.
    Please let me know, otherwise, gomen nasai for disturbing.( I don't speak japanese)
    best Neko

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