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Model-Tokyo Review/Video Courses

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Sep 27, 2012
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First post!
I am interested in taking video during the service and finally found a decent place that doesn't require showing your ID. It's a chain with 10 shops around Tokyo and Yokohama, so a huge variety of girls.

Model Tokyo

Here are the girls I have tried so far:

Model Ikebukuro
Kaho chan
25000 yen 50 min komi komi Video Course (First timers only)
The real person was definitely the same one as in the web site picture, something I can't say for several other services.
Speaks little English. This is an inexpensive intro to their video course, 25000 yen for 50 minutes, which includes a free camera and light rental. I had my own camera, but the girl brought a light and even helped set it up and was very helpful in offering tips on camera angle, etc.! Very genki girl.

Model Gotanda
Mitsuki chan
56000 yen 90 min Video Course (Standard price)
Same person as in the picture. Unfortunately, she had gained a kilo or 2. Not a tragedy, just slightly disappointing.
As this is the standard course, the price goes up quite a bit. As in the first instance, the girl was a pro used to being filmed, offering advice and even held the camera for me a few times. Probably the most pampering service style I've ever had as well (undressing me, drying off after shower, etc.). I also found it informative to look at the service's HP with her and get some background info on some of the other girls as well.
**She said that she really doesn't work with foreigners unless they speak good Japanese, so brush up!
I can't seem to find a Kaho on the website. Is she using a unique kanji?

Edit: Ah, nevermind. I didn't see her. The kanji she uses is 果歩.
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Clox, thank you for this interesting report! Could you tell us some details about the action with the girls? What kind of play is included?
hinnie: You're welcome. Pretty standard repertoire for deriheru. I think both of these girls also offer AF, though Mitsuki mentioned they often refuse it for foreigners. Negotiating after they come to the hotel is key I believe.
wow thanks for the awesome info clox, sorry im not too familiar with whats included at deriherus.

is it fs?
jwang: Basically any goes except for actual penetration (finger penetration ok, though). Services may vary depending on shop/girl.
So these are deriheru/outcall agencies? The video course has to be booked in avance? How do you book the service? Do they require good japanese?
Feel free to message these people directly instead of bumping old posts to ask questions. The review says good Japanese is required, so that answers one of your questions. Most of the other questions can be answered on the site.
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